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  1. Is this the ticket?

    If so, you can replace ointment (there are on-site guides, total to clean the core and the base with clean alcohol, put a new ointment on the core and screw back the cooler when you close each screw slightly and move to each other and back).

    Do not replace refrigerant in any way in my opinion. Not far from it you can buy a simple passive (HD5450 or GT210) video card completely silent.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  2. It's just terrible what goes on there without an admin ... I feel at FXP.

    Etzio21 blew up a friendly helicopter (not yet manned) when people ran to it.

    There was an interesting discussion before this but a blow up tool Because of this it is unnecessary.

    By the way, what are the laws regarding manslaughter in the SPAWN BASE in RUSH?

    You need an adamin there, you can not do that anymore.

    Now I was on a helicopter that just took off, someone below blew it up with a missile because it did not come in. : s07:

    No, I do not have the name but sure to have a log ...

  3. You can flip it ...

    And the HydroTolik on the road on the incessant baserape, maybe you'll put Ban on it instead of KILL that does not always work ...?

    It was clear that he would be with us and I'm pretty sure I also saw him there (and that's why the picture was from another site).

    Now it seems to you more Rally I hope Misha? Because if you do not stick a stick, then it does not interest you, because of your previous reaction to my post.

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