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  1. I have had discussions with you over countless pages in the past and I do not start it again. I wrote that the cards are quite reasonable and that's just a matter of taste and preference. For CF, NVIDIA's SLI tablets are simply terrible relative to Intel-based boards, this will also be credited to ATI . I am still the proud owner of 8800GTX which boasts that to date delivers the goods, almost two years after the purchase ...

    As for the heat, FUCK IT, not interesting! Even your car engine is hot! If it was designed to work like this then there is nothing to worry about. The 9800, 260 and 280 cooler are more noisy than ATI's. The interest of one SNOOX cooled hole is indeed a mistake for my taste but to deny a card that gives a high cost / benefit ratio is so stupid, excuse me.

  2. Company, the tickets are quite reasonable and the difference in price is not that big, it's a matter of taste and choice.

    Uri, you're known to go with the underdog always, but before you screw that 'horseshoe' from AMD to NVIDIA, at least you'll signal!

  3. Someone told you not to do?

    Before you recommend someone to do something first give a background, this software combined with Not satisfactory (both in terms of airflow and cooling itself, for us replacements), can ruin your ticket ...

    There are other software that takes a little less effort and gives you valuable time where you can turn off your computer before something burns out.

    And a little note ... In most stores, the cards do not test at all with dedicated software but run .

    If the software "destroys" the card then it is not correct. When designing a card / processor or any electronic component, design it so that it works in a fairly extreme range of conditions (depending on the setting). When it comes to this. A screen, manufacturer or key in this case takes into account that not everyone has a well-ventilated chassis, which in some parts of the world is very hot in the summer and very heavy gaming stimulants that load the card under unreasonable conditions. They make sure that the card maintains a proper temperature (fan speed will simply increase).

    3DMARK is a very dedicated software and it adopts approx. The screen is sufficient while in-store inspection.

  4. For those who said that the Hanns-g 28 screen "is not too high quality, then repeat that it is really high quality relative to its TN panel. Compared to the S-VPA panel in DELL.

    60-70 cm does not fit 28 "Go for the DEll of the new firmware that will probably come out in September and pray that the input lag will be less than the previous firmware and also the price will be significantly different ..

    If you walk away from the meter, then you buy the Hanns - G will suit you for viewing in front of the games screen Everything.That's what I'm going to buy this month around August 15 ..

    So here's another reason to buy the Hanns - g ;)

    Do me a favor and don't even compare qualities between these two screens. I'll put you next to each other and then the token will fall on you ...

    "In summing up this review, one can certainly say that the size does not determine, as the display quality of the screen is simply below average. The color calibration of the VX2835wm is not optimal (to say the least) and there are various issues related to the color spaces used in the television and computer worlds as well. Delaying the long picture that the screen suffers from does not add any credit and can make it very difficult Playing games , In which every millisecond determines.

    In fact, it's hard for us to recommend this screen to anyone considering that the market has many high-quality 24-inch screens that offer work space, but it will be priced in the country in a very attractive way because of its many drawbacks - though its official price released this week on By the importer, about NIS 4,400, Sotem actually went to great lengths on the viability of purchasing the VX2835wm.

    Apart from its size and high resolution, this screen does not appear to have any significant advantage while its drawbacks are insignificant. At this point, it seems that the dilemma of choosing a quality 20-inch screen and a cheap 22-inch screen also appears here, but our recommendation is that anyone looking for size will have to compromise on image quality, which we believe is the least worth compromising. "


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