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  1. Hi, in the chassis forum you wrote to me about the amount of fans that need to be installed for the ventilation of a wooden box to lock the chassis, that it depends on what is inside. For the purpose of the specification you offered me, what is required in terms of cooling in a wooden box? And how much does it cost? Thank you and good day
  2. Yes of course on the Bios player with a password. How to harden the operating system? By password and define it as a user and not as a sufficient administrator? Or is there some stronger hardening?
  3. Peace! I received 2 suggestions for a stationary computer for beginners (at first not heavy games maybe I will move on to a bit heavier desires later on) and I would be happy to comment on them: 1. Lenovo V530 processor I7 disk SSD 240G disk 1T DDR4 16G memory card Geforce gtx1650 4G for 3800 + 3 Warranty years 2. Same with I5 processor at a price of 2950 Thank you very much and have a good day
  4. Hi I need this to protect against a boy who likes to check everything and connect and disassemble and change passwords and touch having severe attention deficit disorder. Interested in giving him a computer but without the ability to change and edit anything thank you very much
  5. Shalom is interested in a protected case with a good lock to protect against opening the case or connecting devices to a computer, is there such a thing at a reasonable price? Or is it better for me to build something good from wood alone?
  6. Hi, how about the hp 255 g7 7db74e4 for my home needs?
  7. Hello, interested in buying a laptop for up to NIS 2000 only. Home use, for movies. Important: 1. Medium screen (not small to be comfortable to see and not too big). 2. Not too heavy computer.
  8. Say up to a budget of up to 600 drives for 2 drives
  9. Hi, my computer has a hard disk, and I think upgrading to an 1 gigabyte about 120 gigabyte will have the operating system and heavy software, and a standard 1 or 1 disk will save my stuff. My use is downloading and watching movies, and software development. And maybe a few computer games (fifa and the like). 2. Do you recommend such an architecture? 1. I'd love to recommend good discs at reasonable prices and many thanks
  10. Hello I have an external hard disk that suddenly became unallocated even though it had information and it worked well. I connected it directly to the computer not through USB, and I tried to run a partition recovery or recovery software like EasyUs, Mini tool power recovery, Acronis and it all takes a lot of time to identify it and try to recover and everyone can not find or recover anything. What do you do in this case? Thank you
  11. Hello! On my computer I had an antec vp450p power supply after the voltage fall did not work. I did a test which power supply I needed and left me that I needed 750W. My question is do I really need 750W or can I settle for less than I did for example 450W? According to your answer, which suppliers would you recommend? The specification of my computer is: Processor: Intel core i5 2500 3.3Ghz Motherboard: Asus p8 h67-m pro Memory: DDR3 f3-10666CL9D 2GB * 2 - Dual 4 Cards Video Card: Asus readon HD7750 1GB Hard: 1Tb Seagate barracuda 7200 DVD Burner And 2 fans thanks a lot
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