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  1. I personally got the 16 "i9 from work and it is very strong, I do load it very much as part of the work and my main complaint is that it heats up to a level that can not be worked on physically but only through external peripherals (I am connected with a screen and dock) in terms of operating system I am also a fanatic Great of Windows 10 that only improves over time, but MacOS gets used to it and has nice benefits as a programmer I have the benefits of the terminal, but they also diminish with the progress of Windows Yes a great computer, the best build quality on the market, the speakers are really amazing and the screen is crazy, and the best track pad by far
  2. Hi! I have a pretty old electric organ (1989- Yamaha HE 3), it is not worth much but I want to keep it in the meantime it has a power plug that looks European but its pins are about 50% larger than legs pins and also a little less spaced between them, anyone know what the plugs are called these? And how to look for an adapter for them? I was in one electrical store that they did not know, I will continue to search but I would be happy if anyone would have a flash here they look crooked in the picture but I was able to straighten them .. Thank you very much!
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