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  1. The 2080 is for 4K. The 1080 is an 3 card, and should answer ULTRA settings. Sounds reasonable to me overall
  2. What exactly is inflated in this? 1080 to 1080 P? 2080 to 4K? 4/8-core processors for an open world game? Exaggeration .... we will read the articles even without exaggerations in the title;)
  3. Someone mentioned the matter, and I did not see that they answered it - Kirill recorded that the card is only held by the PCI-E slot, and what about screwing it into the chassis? A comment on this, but if it was not really explained to the client in advance that the computer he would get with a video card on the side I think it is something to learn from him.Take this as a constructive note, not a complaint.
  4. I was exactly in your position when I was released, if you want to tell you about the work experience I had in the KSP in details
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