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  1. Regarding the performance of the intel i3 1005G1 processor, it actually sits in the middle of the performance table (score 61) ... it is generation 10. In terms of touch, I also agree that it is not so useful, but the relative who asked me said that touch is important. The most advanced (to say the least) but again, for office and internet office use it should suffice, no? I brought the link to Bestbay because they have the most accurate detail .. The goal is to order from Amazon. (By the way, it is actually possible to order at Bestbay through the ushops service - in this case it is a saving of about 300 NIS compared to Amazon but still prefer Amazon because of their warranty).
  2. Hi guys looking for a computer for an office work environment (office and browser), fast, with a touch screen - at the lowest price possible for these requirements after about an hour and a half of searching both sites in Israel and sites abroad, I found it: https: // www / site / lenovo-ideapad-3-15-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i3-1005g1-8gb-memory-256gb-ssd-almond / 6415810.p? skuId = 6415810 Yours? Certain components?
  3. Considering the price of 4,000 NIS feels a bit over qualified because it probably offers a very low weight. Is there a cheaper recommendation? One would say that one of the goals is the cheapest price that will provide the required performance
  4. Performance - Office, Internet, 13-15 ", touch screen and fast. Budget - as low as possible in relation to the requirements .. means if it costs 3,000 then 3,000 but if it is possible to meet the requirements then less then less .. yes of course .. 8 rams and ssd is a standard today but I know that the processor, motherboard and other components and their configuration have a very big impact as well ..
  5. The thing is that there are full of colors and specifications already today .. I am not updated which hardware is considered good and which computers combine hardware in a good way
  6. It's for a relative of the family .. I'll ask him if he can / wants to wait until then .. it's a month and a half if I'm not wrong ... and as for the computer itself, can you recommend something?
  7. Hi there is a need for a new computer, the computer will be for use in an office and Internet environment 1. The requirements are very simple - a. Touch screen (about 15 ") b. It should be fast. Not fast gaming but one that the speed of reaction and work on it will be considered smooth even for a young person. (There is an unpleasant experience with a computer that was ordered for my father a few years ago, with the same purpose Office and internet - and the frustration of working on it is so great that today it raises dust ..) Another question is whether it is worth ordering it from Amazon or here in Israel? I have experience with buying a computer both here in Israel and on Amazon and both are fine .. Thank you very much!
  8. LimaC

    Is it taxable?

    Thank you so much law89! Again, greatly appreciate the detailed answer and modesty on your part.
  9. LimaC

    Is it taxable?

    Thank you for your answer, information, income from a family member for a service that must be reported?
  10. LimaC

    Is it taxable?

    Hello everyone Below is a question regarding taxation and business: Dry details: A single person without children, a person receives unemployment of about 2,500 NIS a month. At the same time he earns about 2,000 more in "black" the profit he makes from a family member who pays him for help In school for her young children. Feels to him that he may be robbing the country of the situation that has arisen. Questions: 1. If a person owns an exempt dealer should report income from a family member on services he provides? 2. If the income had been reported to him, would it have been deducted from his unemployment benefits? 3. Are these (black) revenues taxable at all and if so, how much, given the data? 4. If the monthly expenses that could be defined as business were to reach the income amounts, it would not have been offset by unemployment, right? Thank you very much for all the answers.
  11. Good evening, I'd love to get a car camera recommendation. From what I've tested, there are cameras in a pretty large range of prices from the value of 30 to 300 dollars. What are the differences between cameras between one end of the range and the other end? From what I realized from the test and investigation I did: a camera that relies on a better than a camera with a battery (in terms of the heat resistance of the sun). The resolution does not necessarily indicate the quality of the photograph - I saw the advantages of the camera in 1440P according to 1920. - Level of ability to absorb license plates. The POLARIZED feature contributes to the quality of photography and diagnosis in detail. Thank you!
  12. Okay I saw now. What does it mean that 16 identifies as damage and the rest does not? Is it a really problematic file or do you just have allergies that are allergic to it?
  13. ariel007, thanks so much for not recommending that I came across this site and it appears to be really good and owned by Google. Another question - what file do I upload for review? I went into a folder in PROGRAM FILES (X86) containing the software but there are quite a few files there .. Thanks!
  14. I want to refine: No problem finding software that does this .. There are quite a few. The question is, is the software I specified ClipGrab really problematic? Is it damaged?
  15. Thanks lompy but 1. It does not convert to MP3 in case I want to convert the video to a song, 2. It's not an obvious process to download any video.
  16. This is the thing I was looking for and did not find .. There are many software and plugins, one looks more suspicious than the other .. Those who are not suspected, require payment ...
  17. A few days ago I downloaded the ClipGrab software to download songs and videos from YouTube. This is open source software. I must point out that this is one of the simplest and most fun programs to use. (I don't have a percentage or part of it) I consulted an information security associate who, after running a network test on the software, apparently found that it was corrupt and brought me this link: .html I did not encounter any problems related to this software .. MalwareBytes scan found some suspicious component and then quarantine it. Kaspersky's (full and in-depth) run did not find a problem, even in files I already downloaded through the software. what do you think? Recommended to delete? Is there a good alternative to downloading songs and videos from YouTube? Thank you!
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