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  1. got it. There is excellent Hebrew. I will wait for installation for next year next month January. And then I will install Windows 11, a full and clean version came out.
  2. Hello to you. I'm still waiting for Windows 11 a Hebrew language came out, is Windows 11 now a full Hebrew language? And I also wanted to know if Windows 11 is a full version with no bugs and errors and bug issues? Thanks in advance! Happy Hanukkah
  3. got it. I will wait patiently. It will take a long time. And I hear what they say Microsoft what's new Windows 11 operating system Thank you very much.
  4. Hi Aviv you gave me very good advice. You were right. I will wait for next year in 2022 and hear what Microsoft decided to say installing windows 11 on old computers. And if Microsoft does not install old computers at the end. I will buy new only motherboard and processor and memory. A-10 Link Link Website you gave me does not work The site will be very very slow and nothing is seen on the written site. I also checked Google browser and the same nothing this site. Fix a link to your site. And I'll check your site again. Thank you
  5. Hello, I have a processor that does not support Windows 11. The processor I have now - I7-6700 I want to buy a new processor that will fit me on my motherboard. While checking the Zap site I found a processor. And I do not know it suits me. Does the new I7-8700K processor fit my asus motherboard - MAXIMUS VIII HERO - Intel® Z170? Here are details: processor https://www.shirion-computers.com/product.asp?aff_a=1&Pid=COREI7-8700K&Cat2Cat1ID=2&Cat2ID=19&aff=Zap&lang=he My motherboard: https://www.asus.com/il / Motherboards-Components / Motherboards / All-series / MAXIMUS-VIII-HERO / techspec / This for a new processor will support in the future move to windows 11 thanks in advance!
  6. Thank you so much for your help. Last night I put a small screwdriver connecting a strong magnet. And this afternoon I checked a small screwdriver and there is a magnet pulling force on my screws. It works and works properly ... and I will also buy a magnet from the magnet for the screwdriver on the website. Thank you very much for the very invested investment.
  7. Hello to you. I do not know that here the forum is the right one to ask a question. I do not understand anything how it will work for me properly. I will explain I have a very old 80GB SATA hard disk, I kept a hard disk in the closet for a long time. It is improper and does not detect spoiled. I do not need it. What I need inside an old hard disk has a very strong magnet. I disassembled everything hard disk. And I just took out a very strong magnet. In the picture you see a magnet I marked a small part X green on the top it is a strong magnet. The back of the magnet does not attract a magnet. Only the top in the picture is marked green X. A small part of a magnet does attract a strong magnet. I wanted to ask you a question. The picture shows a small screwdriver attached. And there is a problem with the small screwdriver. It does not have a strong magnet. A small screwdriver does not have a strong magnet and it is very weak and small screws fall, such as laptop screws. How do you connect a strong magnet to a small screwdriver and give it a small screwdriver to charge so that it has a small screwdriver in it and becomes a strong magnet pull and holds small screws and no screws fall on me? To which side is a strong magnet to attach a small screwdriver that will give it a strong charge with a small screwdriver, is it a strong magnet on the front marked with a green X on the back or a plug on the back that does not attract a strong magnet? I tested a small screwdriver to attach it to a strong magnet in the back and it does not attract any magnet. do you understand me ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello ....... I will search online for a guide to my problem. Thank you very much Happy holiday and Happy New Year
  9. Hello I have Windows 10 Pro Hebrew language version 2004. I made a login password Windows 10 and I have Office 2013 Pro Hebrew language. I made full updates and also Office full updates. I open Outlook 2013 and suddenly a small window opens asking for a password, and it says "Enter your username and password for the next server.". I entered a password and marked down in a small square "Save this password in your password list" and it works without any problems. That I'm turning off a computer. After 10 minutes or more I turn on a stationary computer. I open Outlook 2013 and suddenly a small window opens again asking for a password. It happens to me twice asking for a password. I was trying to figure out where the problem was with Outlook 2013. I tried to turn off a Windows 10 login password and restarted a computer. And Windows 10 goes straight up to the desktop. I open Outlook 2013 and suddenly do not ask me to enter a password. Vishar Auto receives emails and also sends emails. Proper Outlook. And Outlook password is kept and working and working properly. I also did a computer shutdown and computer shutdown and Outlook opens and no small window opens asking me to enter a password and it works fine. I wanted to know if it's true that this is not a malfunction. Question, Is the new 2004 version probably Microsoft made a change in Windows 10 regarding password login Windows 10 it does security protection also Outlook that asks me to always enter an Outlook password. Is it true that it's not a glitch and it's fine in the 2004 version, and it's the same thing for everyone in the world doing like that? Anyone know this phenomenon? Do continue as usual to work in password login in Windows 10 and also Outlook always asking me to enter a password and manually register Outlook password always. Right? Thanks for the helpers
  10. Thanks for giving me amazing software. It is excellent software and very easy. I did a hard disk test and the results are excellent. Now my hard disk is working properly. Thanks a lot 🙂👌🤘🤙💓💛💚💙💜
  11. Hello I downloaded HIRENSBOOTCD software, and tested HDDSCAN software but it shows me both green and red. Don't understand why only these 2 colors. I want to know some bad sector numbers and also shows a lot of different colors on hard disk errors. Is there any other new software similar to MHDD software? Make it easy to understand software that shows accurate hard disk errors. Thanks
  12. I need help, someone a forum expert here. Can help me please make Bootable CD MHDD software for standard CD No DVD DVD that will work in DOS because I have a problem with H310M-A BIOS cannot change to standard IDE only UEFI or legacy it bios does not cost and does not see disk drives Hard SATA in DOS Problem The old fashioned MHDD software works in DOS Windows 98 version very very old and not suitable for motherboard. You have to work in Windows DOS of Windows 10 or Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 something like that. Someone who is a software expert who knows how to prepare files for DHD executable MHDD hard disk test software to check if there are defective sectors. I like to look at MHDD software that shows you some numbers and some red and green colors and Xs and scaffolding sector errors that's very nice and it's great. I'm not interested in working software installation within windows 10 or 7 that's not good. It is best to work at DOS. I would be very happy if you could help produce MHDD DOS software that fits my motherboard. Thanks in advance!
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