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  1. The fault has been fixed. There was a problem with one of the memories. I went to the store and hoped that they would replace it because it is a service in Israel and they are always looking for a reason to knock the consumer instead of helping him.
  2. Hello everyone. I connected a new computer, not a video card in the meantime until the new ones came out, everything works (lights, memories, etc.) and I connect the HDMI screen to a receiver that connects something but there is no display and there is a VGA light on
  3. Thank you very much for the reference. This is a very expensive screen and I do not intend to reach those amounts. It should be noted that for day-to-day management that is not gaming I will stick with the 25 '' 2K 16: 9
  4. The 2070s show bad abilities and the truth is a bit disappointing. Looking forward to the next series. In short buy a screen with freesync and everything will be fine ???
  5. I'm not going to buy a 2070S or a 5700XT and certainly not a 2080S that is not worth the gap between it and the 2070S I am waiting for the next series. Do you have a link to the supported list ???
  6. I still do not get it. Is it worth buying a 100HZ screen if the computer gives an output of 80FPS say? (Suppose there is G-SYNC or FREESYNC). If you do not have one of these two then not worth it? What you said now that you do not have experience with their screens is that they did not have until recently and therefore the price is relatively low. Definitely worth it. I'm not their sales agent and I did not come to convince you to buy it. do what you want. I just explained why I already prefer such a resolution rather than 2K.
  7. This is a tangle mistake. This leads to their new screen which is also great but 27 '' Enjoy!
  8. פאנל va ולא IPS אבל עדיין מסך מעולה. נדמה לי שיש לו פריסינק
  9. Definately not. If there was no demand it would be cheap. Technology pays off and that's what it is. Although it is not that expensive if you take a COOLERMASTER screen you can buy for 2500 shekels plus or minus
  10. There is a reason why they are expensive and it is a very enjoyable gaming experience. I have had 2560 * 1440 for years and I am interested in upgrading. Do you have an answer to what I asked about FPS versus refresh rate?
  11. Trying to install Windows 10. Regarding the second question I have no idea
  12. I have no problem with English but I do not know what you said there. Thanks for the answer but if possible a little clearer in a little more folk language I would love to thank you
  13. Hello everyone, after long studies I am planning to buy a computer and have already bought some parts I am undecided about a screen and a video card a lot. I am very locked on some 3440 * 1440 100HZ screen and buy a 5700XT or 2070S video card. My question is this: if I say I with the 100HZ screen and a game say say at 75FPS, is that good? Or do you have to play at 100FPS or higher to enjoy all the 100HZ? I know these two are different things but how much does the sync name change in the amount of frames for this refresh? Thanks in advance to the assistants
  14. If you are not planning an OC (what is shown according to the motherboard) why such cooling? You can settle for cooling if you take a BOX is both beautiful and helpful. If you want already 2070 why the writer? The NIS 500 or 2070XT is NIS 5700 less. The memory you took does not seem to me to fit the B450. You need Z not X. In TMS there is a much more lucrative drive of Adlink. Same data for less money (the S70)
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