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    Processor: i7 4770K
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400mhz 4GBX4
    Table: z87 Asus Maximus VI Formula
    Cooling: cooler master eisberg 240L prestige
    Graphic card: Gigabyte GTX780 WINDFORCE OC 3GB
    Hard-Flash: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
    Provider: corsair rm 550 550w
    Case: nzxt phantom 530 black
    Monitors: dell u2412m X2
    Keyboard and Mouse: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop
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    Toshiba Satellite S50
    12GB DDR3L
    R7 M260 AMD Radeon

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  1. I did not understand. This is a product that will allow what? Connect to cellular networks from your computer? If so, where is the 'sim'?
  2. Hi, everyone. As described in the title, the touch screen stopped responding when on closer inspection I saw a long scratch on most of the screen. Of course, the reasonable suggestion would be to replace the screen, but since the display was not damaged at all (even in the place of the crack) I ask if it is possible to replace only the cracked coating on the assumption that this will solve the problem, and hopefully at a cheaper price. Computer model: thinkpad x1 yoga 3gen Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks. The answer (including the data on the spouse) helps me a lot.
  4. Hi, everyone. Interested in buying a laptop for graphic applications (Illustrator InDesign and Photoshop regularly, XD and some After Effects). Other uses: Internet and movies There is no and will not be any use for gaming at all. Also not versatile. The computer is designed for massive and regular use for two to three years. From the manufacturer's series: quite locked on a thinkpad refreshed or second hand on eBay Model: either X1 EXTREM or P1. (I have excellent experience with them already three laptops, and I also have experience with a second-hand eBay purchase - that's not the issue). My questions: First of all regarding the processor: In the ninth generation the powerful processors are either hexagonal i7 or octagonal i9 = with the price difference between them significant the question is what is the degree of impact that two additional cores have in these applications. Regarding the graphics card: some computers are equipped with a Cadreo T1000, some with a T2000 and some with a 1650GTX. And again the question arises as to how much influence this or that model has on the efficiency and speed of work.
  5. Hi, everyone. I have not written here for a long time, but when there is a clear question who to turn to 🙂 I work in a large organization (third sector) and at the same time work as a lecturer. Naturally I spend many hours a week on 'Zoom'. So far I have used the camera built into my computer, and no accompanying lighting. But I want to upgrade. My needs are 1. a quality camera (not necessarily insane resolution: I guess 4K will not be zoomed in to the reasonable user anyway) in terms of colors, image depth and such, 2. good lighting (maybe some LED solution) 3. Quality microphone. 4. Background recommendation (is there any texture or shade recommended?) Thanks in advance.
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