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  1. Good Morning. It's time after about 8 years that I'm on Android to go back to the iPhone. And I'm really out of date. In principle I want to ask which iPhone to repair in case of a malfunction or a broken screen will not cost me to repair it as a new device and at the same time it is important to me that the device will be from the latest models so it will work smoothly if all applications I do not want to spend more than 3000 NIS less
  2. Peace ! I have a B550 AORUS MASTER motherboard and it came with a WI-FI antenna whose cable is too short I found a Bali Express extender that looks suitable, but I'm not really sure if it fits this cable I found a Bali Express I would love to get help from someone who understands by the way if anyone knows a store Who sells such cables best thank you very much
  3. Peace. There is a situation that this is a strange question .. 😉 I did an upgrade to my computer, and now it is full of cool lights and I'm sorry I did not also take a case with a transparent side door. Is there a place where you can buy a transparent door?
  4. I did not mention the 6K resolution and for the link I have attached I know it is more expensive than the budget I just ask if the price specification is fair thanks
  5. Peace ! First of all I got a recommendation to purchase this computer (I'd love to hear from experts if the price is fair and is the specification recommended?) Https://,2811-8250,2810-8246,2813-8818,2822- 8296,2823-8992,2812-8252,2821-8293 and without contact I would love to hear the expert opinion NIS 8500 budget including screen Thank you very much
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