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    Only find a manufacturer as explained to you by me. Successfully.
  2. The (unclear) title caught my eye as I browsed through processor fiction. Intel's situation is very good in terms of forecast / actual ratio as of this moment. You can say even their condition is excellent. In the field of servers, they have so many, so many people who - in terms of redemption, AMD doesn't have such shares as of today. A close friend of mine who lives in Seattle and is a high-ranking (professional, non-managerial) relationship working with Intel, is one of his biggest networking clients And he's probably on his way there. His conditions, which I heard - jaw dropped to the floor. So, I don't quite understand the title. The video is actually a collection of news that the guy gleaned from the web .. gave lots of news and added his opinions on some of the topics. A sad situation appears as a collapsing company or on the way there, but that is not the case with Intel. I mean the intention is that in most cases RYZEN is a priority in most cases, if you can agree .. Not with this title.
  3. A disappointing conclusion. Some gimmicks can already be pushed to a young "gamer" to understand that top players who make money from it, such as those featured in the video - also have a certain talent and ability to make a lot of time (today) to keep making money from it. No screen beyond 60 Hz would convince me that I would be better at any multiplayer game. Possibly in some cases I could have aimed at someone faster, that's all. Very very spot on and doesn't affect the overall ability of a gamer to have fun. As a competitive player I do not buy the high runners theme .. Not at this level of most casual players. Some will see the video and say it's holy, it's a fact, etc ... I see it as a gimmick and a goal to market gaming screens .. What's next? 1000 Hz? 2000? Another Millie Point Millie Point Millie second in response time? bullshit.
  4. Where were the days I used to replace processors, video cards .. I haven't touched the computer for almost a month and a half. We were in Iceland, and from there to Seattle. I'm just starting to narrow gaps now. I'll read some hardware, etc.
  5. There is no politics here. This is a hardware site, news, more hardware, more news and whoever chooses forum discussions. I, too, have a much nicer and mature come to read and go. Most of the time I do it too. But, you are a relative newcomer and so I will briefly tell you: there is no reason for a party, so no one should celebrate. But Napoleon responds to @nec_000 so his reactions usually come with negatives that can only be found on the internet .. the kind that is just behind a keyboard. Add to that: Another 2-3 comes with tens of thousands of messages he has already opened on the site (and all the veterans know), ruined his name, and then came back with Napoleon. .. Acceptable ? Or is it still "Lynch"? The problem is that if I didn't have a reason to respond like that, then I wouldn't respond .. But Napoleon always once in a while .. Some of us make some of him out. It seems to me that you have received a sufficiently mature and detailed explanation of why these reactions are above - not so pleasant. Good luck on the site.
  6. Is it rapture? This is your third (which I know) joke that you open on the site. Sometimes because of a poor person .. (in internet terms) as a real "troll" example, so he gets used to it and it doesn't stop him from being like that. Just remember there are some who know in advance that when they see your response .. straight goes to their head ... this troll lives here, and is not tired of it. You can only work on newcomers and nothing more. All this image you have created for yourself in all the quirks, just proves how many people do not change. They have unchanging character .. just habits. And you probably don't have enough willpower behind the keyboard to not repeatedly destroy yourself with the help you open. For his own sake: How do I contradict myself? I replied to @captaincaveman that the fact that Intel has sold almost 20 billions: It does not matter who goes to KSP to buy a processor, it is interesting to those who invest in Intel, namely: actual investors or potential investors. In addition, I wrote to him on the same line - that Intel has taken all kinds of steps since AMD's rise back into the game, and these steps prove that AMD is indeed competitive right now. It's legitimate moves in the big business world, which shows - "I know my opponent made moves, so I'm getting ready" (sacrificing reserves, lowering prices), etc. Live in Dink .. Instead of making me burn time on explaining to you .. Read next time. Everything and its context. This reaction was not up to you at all.
  7. That Intel is cutting prices and not because of 8 rank typhoons in the East, probably AMD is doing something right. It retains billions of reserves to absorb the cutbacks - a legitimate move, it surely shows competition. It is precisely their sales in numbers that do not interest consumers at all, it is of interest to investors. Why the hell didn't we lock that stroller I don't understand? Even when I return from a vacation abroad I am always surprised how he is not resting. @Askme @KAKADU999 You are just delusional. How much poison do you keep behind the keyboard .. Your parents I wish them only health, should have taught you not to respond in discussions that No interest in them, it would have solved tens of thousands of unnecessary comments for this forum.
  8. It's one game. We've already talked about the fact that you can't go on a game or two to decide and draw conclusions for everyone. Huh? When did I talk to you about laziness? I did not understand .. How I mislead forum readers I still do not understand. That I say 2500K rushed does a good job in 2019 too, is this a deception? There's Google, there's YouTube, there's hardware sites. You can go there and decide for yourself what games, which frames, which combinations with the right GPU, what settings, etc. is suitable for everyone to play / buy. I think you're giving me too much of a stage .. I have a 2500K room next door and I know what's going to be good / not good, so I'm not excited about Control \ BFV and Ubisoft's half baked games. Most games over the last two years and up to now, are very good for the aforementioned processor is rushed. If you have no way to disprove it, it is better to abandon. I repeat again and it is important ... Control is indeed very heavy. BFV also downsizes old processor boards.
  9. Does not belong to a bottleneck. I will be able to give information about the difference between him and 7700K in a hurry that it is on the main computer. I have no interest in arguing here to get it right, it's a curiosity I'm willing to do such tests. Fun as if. Whatever, me and vsync are good friends .. I've been playing on 60 ever since, always locked .. etc. So even better .. We'll just refer to the averages and lows, there's no interest in opening the frames .. But just see what gets stuck and hurt the game experience in terms of titles coming out this year.
  10. I have no 1080Ti on the i5 2500K processor. I have an 4850 name ...... This is a computer that is used by me at home for a specific purpose, not for gaming. On my PC I have 7700K \ 1070. Adjacent to it works 6700K that it is net for work from home and nothing else. What nec does with his computers is his business, I did not talk for a moment about what to attach to him .. but only about the benefits of an outdated processor in a rushed state. The cost it saves, etc.
  11. The truth was that it belonged to OC. In one of the BF games there was a significant difference in DELTA between LOWS and AVG between rushed and non-rushed processor, unrelated to the clean system. If I'm not mistaken, then we talked about BF4.2.
  12. By the way @urib I'm curious what other games are dropping to your i7 3770 floor, because the 2500K runs the following games: 1. RAGE 2 - No tickled 2500K is rushed because it exceeds the Vulkan and there is no problem with the primes. 2. The last METRO which is several times heavier on the GPU. Same goes .. falls to the 50 area, very GPU dependent. 3. Sekiro - good game. I finished a few months ago, no problem with the primes from what I see. "To. 4. The new Wolfenstein (with the sisters) - so-called Vulkan ... no problems. Steady as a rock. What other games are you talking about? I'm curious to check. I'm ready to take the 5GTX off my main computer and run tests. I have the processor for the floor.
  13. Funny section .. I'm with one generation processor in front of you and not even i7 gets stable frames in most games released to date. Control and AC Ods These are examples of games since lowering down the older processors. I have no idea about your i7 3770 and why you are not coming to 50 .. I guess you took a game or two as a personal benchmark. Because the following video refutes what you say, except for AC Ods which, in addition to excellent game rules, as usual Ubisoft spend games with vegetable market optimization. Please - (you might try to hurry) even though you can't figure out you're barely scratching 50 .. That's why I said you probably checked out BFV and maybe another game. I used an example in 2600K that is pretty much the same as your processor performance. The video is modern (2019). Problem with taking 2-3 games as Benchmark. Usually take 20-30 .. This is why nec tells you that you are talking about things like this or that, it doesn't include all games or most games. Why did you decide it was a dead horse? In NIS 500 you build a trinity with cool cooling for aggressive OC quietly. It's not a deception at all .. On the contrary, whoever it challenges - why buy a new trinity for thousands of shekels? This is one of the goals of the forum here, to show that there are more options and that even dead horses can be a replacement for new ones. If anyone is looking for a processor for Control and BFV then yes .. it should go for some Reisen. Not even the latter, but something cheaper. At least that's my opinion.
  14. That's why we talked about a rushed processor. In this case of BF games it helps a lot. Fifth still lowers it to bad areas of prime despite the rush, but it doesn't happen in the previous games in a way that feels like an experience injury. I've always been stable. Right. There are declines of 15-20 FPS in Mecca, this is noticeable. Where exactly the declines are felt to me and to you or to the nec etc .. We definitely agree not to. For everyone to play on their own computer \ in their settings. Saturday Shalom ☺️
  15. Obviously, you depend. It also depends on whether you are talking about a rushed processor or not. Precisely in these heavy games, the rush from 3.3 to 4.2 and above is uncomplicated, significantly affecting the lows, it is not at all negligible. I don't remember any special problems at Origins. Falling to the 50 area here and there for me is reasonable and erosive and does not affect the experience if I am in a single campaign. BFV does show muscle on 2500k and lowers it to 35 on some maps as well, and it does interfere with being a full MP. If that's what I can agree on .. it's inconsistent, so if anyone was looking for a processor specifically for BFV I probably wouldn't recommend it to this generation. GTA5 was also a title that once again showed an advantage between i7 and i5. No problem running it with rushed 2500K .. Completely smooth .. If you are on the 60 screen it is irrelevant, the rush changes the image. It is likely that in the coming years there will be a trend change and modern processors will already widen the gap in the face of antiquity and this is inevitable. But the whole idea here is that the 2011-2012 system can still hold in a respectable form. I do agree with most of the things @nec_000 has said about this non-stop wheel of companies / marketing that makes a lot of human-like sheep run after hardware. To understand this, you need to not only do your homework in hardware but also perceptually understand where the boundary is. (Like saying 60 is iron ..). Who determined? Or has someone set you up ... no? You "feel" a problem you have falling for 55 that you are currently playing in front of yourself ..? No. Do 1 + 1, because your eye needs to be bionic for it to feel. Someone told you you read / saw .. you need a minimum 60 to justify setting up another PC in this console. Dink Beast .. I'm another guy who switches hardware every few years .. I've long said in the forum that I have privileges because I work from home a lot, so I also know just how much I've improved my gaming experience from i5 2500K to today's i7 7700K . The truth? Almost everything depends on the GPU.
  16. There is no such thing as always 60. We are not talking about the eSport competition of 5 over 5 against the 50,000 dollar that is being shared by all members. Talking about you in front of your computer, playing in all kinds of genres, starting with fps \ rpg \ rts and everything you can think of. 60fps is the benchmark as far as I'm concerned. If I have a fall, two, three, four - then from your logic I need to replace the 1070GTX \ I7 7700K tomorrow. There are already games that have full settings showing me 52-59 fps. Is it noticeable? Exactly the opposite .. It is completely marginal. What is noticeable is if you regularly fall below 45. I have been experiencing steady 60fps like rock for over 20 year. Accustomed to this excellent .. Playing everything. A high-level Hebrew competitive player at TF2 on servers in Europe, especially Germany. At OW, I also got a long way until I got tired of the game (I crossed 4000 in ranked if it was familiar to you). Saying 60 is a minimum iron is like saying that if you go from 120 mph to 115-110, you no longer get on the road because you see the difference in the eye that you look sideways from the car's window and it bothers * you ... good luck ..
  17. I'm not talking about today's processors. I'm talking about a rushed i5 2500K sitting at my computer in the next room and using me for other things. My main computer works on 7700K. The computer of work is working on 6700K. What I'm at least suggesting is that the i5 2500K rushed combination can still fit today with modern games we're talking about screens with a standard refresh rate. It still does a good job, I'm not claiming anything else about the benefits or uses that are not computer games.
  18. Big Control (which I have already completed) is an extreme example. REMEDY always lowers the recommended hardware, and I understand that, long ago. This is a somewhat problematic example because it is one of the only companies whose vision is PC. They have been bound for a while in the case of ALAN WAKE and also in the case of QUANTUM BREAK on the whole issue of ports because of such and other obligations to Microsoft, etc. Anyone who knows a little more in depth and it is interesting to him can find material on a specific REMEDY and that they are among the only people today who have PC before everything else. In any case, this game also bends modern hardware, is a much heavier case than most cases. The same goes for the latest METRO and the likes of multiplayer games that really show an advantage to modern processors in terms of consistency of FPS without dips. But if you talk about popularity and "most" of the games on the market then i5 2500K is rushed, keep the relatively high frame rate somewhere between 55 and 60, probably with 1080Ti which is too wide a graphics force for 1080P. I'm not so in favor of these combinations, but if you come into the picture broadly .. then ... you can't help but be excited about such a thing. A processor that is antiquated, rushed, that if you decide to take it for a bit of OC games and give it normal air cooling in 180-230 NIS, not only is it easy to get to a stable 4-4.2, but it also saves quite a bit of money and messing around that's the whole point here. There are quite a few DX12 games from recent years that do not show a significant difference on 60Hz screens when this generation is rushed. I'm also not talking about games like DOOM that are very friendly to their requirements, probably because of excellent optimization, etc ... but also heavy games that sit very well with these processors. And yes, if there are such falls towards the 45-55 in some parts of different games that are heavier it's still okay and that's impressive. In MP it is a problem, more noticeable and can also hurt the experience, etc. But in regular campaigns what is the likelihood that it will destroy a human being who is used to playing 60 frames if he has a fall to the 45-50 from time to time? An antique processor that is still doing a good job.
  19. Negative. With the above processor rushed and the 60Hz screen this becomes irrelevant. Certainly if you open the "lock" in modern games, there will be a difference between today's processors .. This is inevitable. Locking up with vsync, it is no longer a conversation. On my other computer, on 4.2, at the moment 4850 is pinned in the warehouse after 5870 decided to retire.I have already checked with the previous 970 that I have, the current 1070 that I have a fair amount of games on the i5 2500K and it does a very good job limiting it to 60 frames even in the heavier games.
  20. Does not require 32GB. Buying a new computer, think ahead. If there is an option that the use will be somewhere between 16 and 32 in terms of editing usage and the like, then look at the difference in money between 16 and 32 and if that justifies it .. It's up to you. Yes. We are in 2019. Buy a New Modern Gaming Computer You Should Go For 16. 8 can suffice, not recommend experience.
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