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  1. The processor determines what speed it needs according to the load of the processing required. You can not do much. With effort you will see that his speed increases. Potentially up to 5.1G but it does not get there because the cooling is not enough.
  2. WINDOWS license issue has expired or is invalid.
  3. The other with a GTX1050 video card is better for you. Ask to expand internal memory from 8G to 16G.
  4. From what I read this is usually a problem with the machine's video card drivers. Try updating them or go back to an older version. "Simple solution, rolling back VMware II vga driver"
  5. Try another virtual machine like virtualbox
  6. Microsoft allows you to download the files. License check on eBay.
  7. A fan replacement is not something expensive. I think it's a 12cm rear fan. When you assemble check the direction of the air outlet out.
  8. This processor needs to provide stable voltage. Recommend going for a board with a X570 chipset and not sure the B550 will suffice will be borderline. Maybe a rog series from asus or MSI but there are not many in the country that sell MSI. Memories like everyone else do not run wild corsair is not bad at all.
  9. Strip your computer of everything and assemble from keyboard, video card and memories only. Go into the BIOS and check stability. (Usually del or F1 immediately after lighting) The video card or board may have already done their thing.
  10. No, it is not possible to connect a microphone-headset to the computer, but only a dedicated microphone with a stand or without a stand and only for its connection and not for the headphones.
  11. Before you buy a range repeater extender try with a long network cable to move the hot router to a higher place like a shelf or over a closet if there is a proximity.
  12. It is not possible today to use a resolution of 800/600.
  13. Where do you back up? For a DVD or a hard disk? Check this video tutorial to see if you did the process correctly.
  14. I do not know exactly which version you have but here Fifa has 20 N-21
  15. You can try to restore the system backwards, you can see details here: The guide is also suitable for windows 10
  16. Great specs. I would be a little wary with memories of kingston do not always know suspects me. Go for something like corsair, ADATA
  17. Do not use sleep mode. Disable it in power settings. Turn off the computer when you are not working on it.
  18. I would settle for an i5 if not very heavy games or serious processing is planned. The question is which i5 has all kinds.
  19. Why not an NVME component as the main operating system hard disk. m.2 nvme will boot the operating system and play much faster.
  20. Fan for AS AS processor What you get from AMD is just fine. The board you have selected is a small micro ATX board. In general it is better to have full ATX but not critical if no water cooling is planned or something that could interfere with assembly.
  21. On the board if I were going for a simple board like the Gigabyte B550 DS3 or something a little higher quality like the Gigabyte B550-GAMING-X or ASUS in the TUF series you can get them with built-in wifi (PLUS). On a video card I would go for a company like Gigabyte, ASUS and if there is MSI then it is better.
  22. Overall this spec looks good. What has changed is the motherboards that currently more recommend the newer generation B550
  23. Both are good if you have socket pci-e available on motherboard.
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