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  1. Are APC providers in high voltage? Because from what I have seen its suppliers are very low than what is sold in KSP for example. How is this supplier god of Armor Line? Does it also have a noisy fan?
  2. Hi, I have almost 3 years to unlock an Eaton 5E 1100i. That from the warming and metallic smell he's putting out lately I'm starting to realize he's a life-giving Otto. Thus: a. Should I hurry to get rid of it as soon as possible due to the fact that it heats up a lot and sometimes emits a metallic smell - even though it supposedly still works properly and gives me a few minutes even during power outages? B. If so, I would love to recommend a new ruling. Preferably not from the model I have. Although it works great, during power outages its fan is frantically noisy until it fills up to 100 percent (takes a few hours sometimes, depending on how empty it is) when the computer is in my room. Budget up to 600 NIS. My specification is an I7 6700K processor + 2060 SUPER graphics card. Thank you.
  3. 1. Performed several times, did not solve the problem. 2. Suri on the ignorance, but what are the AV settings? I checked in Firefox and there is not this problem. In any case, it is not set for me not to save the password.
  4. For the past two weeks I have had a problem with Chrome, with the passwords I enter and connect to sites simply deleted and not saved for no reason. For example here on HWZONE, I logged in to the site, made a password save, and in a few minutes I will just have to log in here again because the passwords will be deleted. This is what happens to me on every site. I tried resetting the Chrome and trying to delete and reinstall the Chrome - same thing. Anyone know what the problem is?
  5. Oh, and also Forza Horizon 4, where every moment the game crashed for me because the card did not have enough VRAM.
  6. Take down Battlefield 5 and there is no way you won't see change and differences. For me in the 1050 GTX is a jerk and with the 2060 Super the game ran smoothly on maximum settings.
  7. These are not relatively heavy games. Try running heavy games like battlefield 5, Metro Exodus and Forza Horizon 4 for example. These are games I saw as a crazy upgrade when I upgraded the video card from 1050 2G to 2060 super. By the way, have you changed the settings of the graphics in the games themselves since the upgrade?
  8. Will it be possible to add it to the library and download it at another time? Much like what happened with the free GTA distributed on the Games channel.
  9. WD2 plays great, also the 1 very liked despite all the reviews.
  10. I have tried in every way possible now to get the stuck part out but without success unfortunately. It is probably impossible that even when a very thin tweezer is inserted, once inside it can not be gripped in the stuck part due to space problems. Anyway, I tried what you suggested and connected the cable to the front of the headphones and it works great - even better than before with the outdated connection. The thing that sucks is that it is another cable that is in sight, but we will live with it until we buy a new computer.
  11. How does the subwoofer there deal with the low? Like, for example, one song that would smash my car in the sun:
  12. The thing is that in these amounts there is no manufacturer that gives such crazy value as the Microlab.
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