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  1. Well, I paid MSRP for 3080 in November but have not received it yet. The market is screwed and these are our lives. I have already considered selling my computer just because it is worth twice as much now as it cost me when I bought it in August. At one point I considered buying from eBay when they cost 2 pounds but now they cost 1200. I understand them all, but it still annoys me and I have already considered canceling the order just because I have more things to do with 1800 pounds besides clicking refresh on the inventory list and see no Nothing has changed in two months. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
  2. I invited him on his British MSRP if you can call it that. No regrets, I do not think there will be an improvement in the next generation in terms of availability or prices. Not to mention that they now know that people are willing to pay double the price for playing among us on 3060 ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯.
  3. $ 500 for a disabled card. I remember when I bought the computer everyone said it was better to wait because the next generation is around the corner. I feel lucky I'm holding a 2070 super right now. Have something to play for until 3080 arrives, maybe in June?
  4. Someone has to pick up the glove and sue Noydia for a fake launch. It does not matter if the tickets are available if it is not possible to buy them. This is a misleading publication - "will be properly available in February", "oops in April", "well, maybe in June?". I'm still waiting for my 3080 ordered in late November at a more or less stated price.
  5. I would ask how much does a used or new 1060gtx 6gb already cost which is a barely reasonable alternative to 1080p? But I will get a funny answer as more expensive than it cost 3 years ago.
  6. I own one from LG. The only problem I have is that game developers ignore this format which now accounts for 10% of the screen market (by hammer on a box), and do not arrange the content properly to 21: 9.
  7. All is well and good only that the alignment of the graphs is not related to competition but to zero availability of models such as 10900 and 5950 x. Anyway, laptops have absolute dominance for Intel, and computers sold to universities and businesses as well (because the # 1 university in the world does not have a single AMD-based computer, all of them scrap Dell with a previous generation Intel at the price of nuts). And no, I'm a fanboy of the company that offers me the deal I like best, and at the moment it's a Raisen 5000 despite the inflated price.
  8. Oh, how hype. While I'm sure it will come, and maybe soon, getting excited about a patent is like making a preorder for a product that has no launch date or price. Or, alternatively, get excited about cyberpunk 2077 when it was announced in 2012 ...
  9. Will release the tickets in 2021, you can buy them in 2023. They will do good to humanity and organize themselves first, they have time when the basic hardware is all PlayStation 5.
  10. Turning off and on settings in CP2077 is nonsense, the game does not even need a reboot, which is quite impressive in itself. The game seems to have some sort of performance bug, that during episodes where you go after a character talking to you or just sitting with them, the performance drops regardless of the graphics load. Like they wanted to lower it to 30 FPS so that it would be "cinematic" and turned it into a trash instead. It's also in my opinion where the game falls apart in general, the visuals of it are so impressive that when they miss some animation in these sections it breaks the immersion of the game. I do not really know what to say about the game. I do not remember the last time I bothered to play in an RPG for more than an hour, but at the moment it is listed in sets I played 22 hours and I still enjoy, it is also the only game I ever bothered to do secondary quests. I think the comparison of the game to the Deus Ex is quite accurate, with the main difference being that you drive a car from place to place. Those who expected GTA, it is better to play in GTA.
  11. You're just looking at the PC market. AMD consoles are dominated by Rama and Sony and Microsoft are pushing (for it) RT endlessly. In a market where 30FPS is standard, they are impressive, even if it requires concessions in the detail and resolution segment.
  12. What AMD did with SAM is a huge mistake in my opinion. Works only on the Reisen 5000 platform, although it is a different name to the resizable BAR that should be available for all platforms (or for anything that supports the DX12? Can't really remember). This is a direct hit on anyone who bought a Raisen 3000 and does not feel the need or alternatively can not replace, and just a spit in the face to those who own an Intel. Does it add performance? Yes, is there a reason it would be exclusive other than greed? No. And when Nodia allows it on all platforms, what will AMD do? Suddenly they will open it to everyone?
  13. Radeon RX 6800 vs. GeForce RTX 3070, 40 Game Benchmark: 1080p, 1440p & 4K - YouTube Since everyone loves a hammer on a box right now, I think the endless discussion between Steve and Steve at the end of the video more or less fits the different opinions in this thread even if the cards are not the issue here .
  14. The choice is indeed my net. I do not agree that the DXR is particularly negligible given the push it does in the consoles and I doubt that the 3080 ti will change anything in the overall picture. It will probably be announced next month, will not be available (because for how many products can the same core be divided? This is also the problem of AMD producing 100 products on TSMC's 7nm), as long as it is based on Samsung's 8nm the potential will be limited and at current pricing I guess Which will cost an MSRP of one thousand dollars and will be available at 1200 at best. Anyway, after my card arrives, I want 144fps in everything. Ahh, first world problems. post Scriptum. And because of the lack of more or less everything, it seems to me that I can sell the previous hardware at an exorbitant price? PS Maybe it would have been better for them to postpone this generation for half a year instead of knocking themselves the reputation?
  15. Fresh from yesterday a screenshot from cyberpunk 2077 (no spoilers) that even though they say it's junk, I'm quite enjoying and have encountered very few bugs. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ Excuse me that at the end of the day, for the "two RTX games" (this and control, not sure what exactly RTX contributed to Tomb Raider) I am ready to "suffer" 10 GB of memory (if it is not Will come sometime) for better graphics, when even so I, as the target audience (which is exactly what, 1% of gamers?) For tickets with such a cost, in two years both will be junk and I will feel the need to replace again, and both Nudia and AMD know it so they both sell tickets Disabled at $ 80 (one with possible memory deficiency and one without the ability to do DXR in an acceptable way). There's something almost exciting that needs to be upgraded to a computer again after consoles delayed everyone's progress for about a decade. Anyway, again, anyone who has an itch to spend $ 1000+ on a video card and can also do so without having to move to a trash can, will enjoy. I would like to think I'm a little more sane than that, but the reality this year proves otherwise (I guess I spent close to the cost of two new computers in 2020 for no particular reason? May we all have a happy new year, and certainly better than 2020 (throws a pile of curses).
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