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  1. What optimal XEON processor software do I switch to? Walla I could not find a neat list or a representative benchmark against intel i7 \ i5 .. Anyone met?
  2. I am the company if it was not clear so far and it is a non-profit organization lol I am just trying to produce a concept product that gives an artificial answer to the phenomenon. And as they said here, it might be worth starting simply by hand with a specific amount of computers pertaining to each sector
  3. buzzword useless in terms of functionality is usually a very beneficial component to PR and when trying to penetrate the market with an innovative system then PR is a priority never mind it and regardless I have heard quite a few experts who define all ML most simply as AI in terms of size The dataset then is quite huge as it embodies the whole range of laptops on the market of course with all the variants that the vendor offers (once with 8GB of RAM and once 16GB and another combination with I7 processor instead of I5) when all this is sucked from some API Of each of the manufacturers and regarding the ranking (weights mentioned) so I did not aim for a manual ranking as it will include the distortion according to the opinion of one expert or another who will build it based on a benchmark API such as userbenchmark and from there derive a 'pure' result that I tend to believe High and up to date
  4. First of all thanks for the references in my opinion their performance is not the best in the world because the most important parameter here is not taken seriously enough and I am talking about the quality of accuracy. But the question was on a more philosophical level - what do you think about the idea of ​​a machine performing an in-depth analysis? For AI, let me remove doubt that this is not just a few of these If Statements in the ML Algorithm that after the Data Measurement phase from the User (which actually amounts to several Ifs) a proximity test is performed to the nearest result of many kinds found. In DATASET (betting on KNN) which by the way is a process very similar to what we do in the head when we think of a computer that suits the customer's needs and we have the ability to meet the definition of artificial intelligence even if it is a bit lame .. hope I was able to convince 🙃
  5. "Say? Which computer to buy? !!?" The question is perhaps the most common here in the forum and in a few other places I have come across .. The thing is that the answer to this question is not just about finding the right computer, those focusing on customer needs and the customer never knows what he needs! So, we are in a world where AI is Rising and I have already come across two interesting solutions for laptops. One of the US retail giant Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/cp/find-your-pc/9172414 A great interface and exceptional user experience but the stock is subject to supply in the store so the level of accuracy for me is lacking .. and the other She's Choosist, a startup company in the Beta phase: https://www.choosist.com/us/laptops In my humble opinion, the customer journey is too long and tedious, the offer is subject to Amazon only and the prices are not up to date, so pretty bad. In short, as guys who understand - try Tell yourself: A. What is your impression of the solution to the question of characterization of usage needs? B. Do you see this as a successful substitute for consulting with a human expert? C. What do you think are the chances that non-technological people One or a similar app?
  6. Do not look for a sane price Look for reliability that will help you stay sane beyond the fact that an unreliable system will only cost you a visit. Names of brands but recommend to avoid buying Chinese Bali Express shortcut if you want a professional installer contact me in detail I will give you the number of my man
  7. I meant that the difference comes down to cores and virtualization while the software is looking for single-core and frequency and here the difference comes out completely negligible which is also always reserved for oc to bridge the gap although a few more percent will not really make a difference .. in terms of budget I see a bus to reach 3700 x but still I do not stand in front of my eyes for that. Thunderbolt - no. Unexpectedly, there will be a FocusRate Scarlett card in a Joasby 3 connection so even if you really try to hold on to the horns of the altar there is still no justification for Intel what I also closed on ssd MP600 1t based on PCIe4.0 which also justifies the b550 architecture
  8. First I should clarify the importance of cosmetics in the above case to explain the ear ... So, this computer is for a home studio where passers-by are often hosted, some stay with us and pay some money for work and some go on to another place. It is true that professionalism dictates The tone, but the general visibility of the place contributes quite a bit to the atmosphere and the impression created so that it is definitely a factor, so an impressive case with a bit of RGB will raise here and contribute a lot in the hope that they will return the investment at the first opportunity. - It's definitely economical. Regarding performance - currently has intel i5-6500 with 16Gb RAM and GTX970 card. The video during editing when there are layers and rendering of 5D or After takes quite a bit of time. In conclusion - to his credit he is almost there but Walla is not enough. In short: takes the opportunity to rotate and sell the above computer while it is still worth something .. The design is On PC + - Intermediate And I really want to believe that Ryzen 3600 7 will provide an answer but I have a doubt. Yes I was thinking of pushing for a Ryzen XNUMX but the difference comes down to virtual cores and that is not what my software is looking for. On the other hand, I do not see Intel's justified staple getting along with my budget along with all the requirements even if I add a thousand.
  9. We'll meet your computer and his in a round after my bunch 😊 You may be right about the CPU but right now I'm just sitting on an option for NVMe4.0 to test alternatives to ssd to pick up performance because salvation will probably not come to me from the CPU so at least enjoy all around because I do not see Intel on the horizon here ... Anyway: FL-Studio with a variety of plug-ins and endless libraries Primeieer cc AfterEffect Maxon Cinima4D It's three-dimensional with octan engine
  10. Not getting value for money,? Apart from the case and the cooling to the case, I do not recognize any unnecessary gap here at all. Suppose we were to save another 500 shekels, what do you offer to do with them? CPU upgrade ?? For which model? Would you switch to Intel? The board and the memories by the way are not just a pretty face, these are the models with the best optimization available for the Reisen 5 at this price level by a margin over the competition. As far as memories and board can affect .. the ssd is also just a bit behind the evo plus and I am still seriously considering upgrading .. were you there for another 300 shekels?
  11. No opinion on the individual? About purchasing a dance ?? Compliance with the requirements? Recommendations for upgrading,? Nothing ?? !! @ At least an opinion on the board and ssd before I order a dance. Yesterday I ordered the cooling from Amazon should arrive at the end of the month so there is some time ..
  12. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? Up to 5 - without C.M. priority for as little as possible. Expected expenses below 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), is there a specific example of a game or software? Audio Editing Creating and producing music - heavy plug-ins, working in lots of layers. Easy ~ Medium Video Editing without 4K (maybe in the future) Medium Afternoon 3D Editing - Heavy, not terrible. A matter of rendering time, we will survive. Medium gaming minus 4. Is the peripherals needed (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? - Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (For example, an SSD drive that already exists and can be attached for assembly) Video card. Will be dealt with later - when the new series arrives I will snatch some used 1080ti. Max I will compromise on something temporary. HDD. I will try to survive with 1T SSD NVMe in addition to my 3T NAS volume and if I do not manage then I will purchase HDD 2T 5 in the future. How important is the quiet operation of the computer? Very important 6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size of the computer and its weight, lights, etc.? No matter the size. White staple - let it be LED and the most beautiful in the world Walla it brings a great muse! 7. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (if so, it is advisable to specify a preferred version) and / or a computer train in the store? - 8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If not it is also possible to specify a residential area. TMS or StartPc and I intend to order parts from abroad (NeweGG & Amazon) things that are not in the country in white + considering a drop to Eilat if there will be a component whose cost will justify the trip but because it needed assembly for parts from dance then probably not. 9. When is the computer planned to buy ( It is highly recommended to ask for a specification at a short time from the time of purchase)? During the next month - the same second that the parts arrive from abroad 10. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (eg USB Type-C or FireWire)? - 11. Is it important to maintain a computer upgrade horizon? - 12. Additional notes, extended details and miscellaneous: TMS processor cost 788 NIS - almost locked, hesitant to upgrade a bit Ryzen 5 3600 Tray cooling - Amazon cost 220 NIS - finally locked ARCTIC Freezer 34 Esports Duo WHITE: WHITE board - NeweGG cost 746 NIS "H - Strong wrestling if it's right for order 'ASRock B550 STEEL LEGEND memory - NeweGG cost 700 NIS - final locked G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) c16 3600H'z TMS drive cost 686 NIS - Almost final (still thinking of upgrading for another 300 NIS Samsung 970 EVO Plus) XPG SX8200pro 1T NVMe m.2 TMS case cost 820 NIS - Definitely final Corsair Crystal 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case White Cooling for TMS case cost 240 NIS H - Definitely final Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB PRO x3 pack StartPc power supply cost 459 NIS - final locked ANTEC 750W EA750G PRO 80+ GOLD Modular WHITE Total cost: 4659 NIS
  13. [Guide] Choosing a gaming mouse carefully then a little about me and how it all started: just another simple gamer. Since I can remember myself, it was only at the beginning of the road that I did not enjoy luxury equipment. Until a clear day, I bought a new computer and then decided that this was it. It's time to buy an overpriced gaming mouse. I suffered this mouse badly and it took me a whole year of aggressive use only to unequivocally judge that the problem was indeed the mouse and not me after paying a fair amount of NIS 490. In the end we parted ways and the next one was better, but not enough. I was looking for something else. I learned what was good about it and knew what I was missing. That's how I started trading luxury gaming mice, ones I couldn't really afford if I were a used purchaser until I became an eccentric but definitely a mousse rat collector with a modest and subdued collection of over 20 different and odd items: and that's not all ^^ In short, there is a painfully deep experience here and I decided it was time to share. So if there's anything smart I can say to the rat seekers at this point - only if you're right-wingers have spared the excavation and want to buy the Logitech G502. An excellent gaming mouse for all opinions at a funny price and it also came out in a wired version so fly on it. Now let's move on to the point of interest: In the first phase, it all starts and ends with your hand - holding your mouse with your right or left hand? right?? magnificent! Will any mouse fit (except those designed specifically for the left) left? Not bad. While you might not enjoy all the mice on the market including the highly recommended G502 (although I've already heard about lefties who somehow use it and still manage to enjoy it), but what you need is a symmetrical mouse or at least a semi-symmetrical mouse. What is meant by a symmetrical mouse is that the mouse looks the same in both directions and has no dedicated right-hand grip design: a semi-symmetrical mouse that is identical to both sides and adapted to both hands, but unlike a full symmetrical mouse, the left-hand navigation keys are not repetitive Also on the right. The navigation keys are mainly used to scroll back and forth in the browser. Very comfortable to a level that is not exclusive (!) By the way, they are common in 99% of gaming mice and even non-gaming mice. Usually also programmable. However, unfortunately there are not enough symmetric mice on the market and it is far more common to encounter half-symmetric mice. So the one on my left will have to look for good good or compromise the navigation keys here. Just don't take a left-handed mouse. I do not recommend in general, although I have already seen cases that have actually done a good job - a situation in which you do not like the mouse you chose to purchase is a reasonable scenario (!) And when you want to move the mouse over to make room for the next thing, you will probably have a problem finding the The appropriate buyer. To the left, I highly recommend flowing on Razer Taipan. An amazing full symmetric mouse that I use right now even chemically which comes in two different versions - black and white, so each has a different coating. Let's use the class to give a word about the importance of mouse coating: I came across only three types - slick plastic, scraped plastic and matte rubber. The above white version comes in a smooth plastic coating which accumulates dirt from the hand and sometimes needs to be cleaned with a damp wipe. I had several mice with such plastic coatings that would make me sweat in my hand and feel a sense of dirt. Real suffering. But at the level of replacing a mouse, but with this remover for some reason it is not so! Although the glossy plastic coating looks and feels similar. I can only guess that here it behaves differently as its sides are flooded with disguised rubber that prevents perspiration during grip. Which leads us to the black version which comes in a matte rubber coating. Matte rubber is my favorite since it prevents sweat exceptionally and no need to clean or anything. Just feeling new all the time and leaving no fingerprint marks or anything in style. Or in a word - perfect. In summary, I would prefer a mouse that has a matte rubber coating but will not reset the rest. Just important to know and remember (!) Matte rubber coating is relatively expensive to bare plastic. Simple expressions and mice from Eli Express usually come with such a poor-quality coating that after a year becomes a sticky paste due to the heat. Don't buy imitations so you won't be disappointed. And if you decided to buy an imitation, then not a matte rubber coating. Go for plastic! We are left with scraped plastic - in my opinion it is much better than the slippery, gives a great grip, while giving Nicki a sweat for the sweat and fats secreted from the hand during use so that there is no awful sensation at all and there is no need to clean, etc. So big time? Recommend. Matte rubber is still preferable. You can see an interesting example of the G402, a brilliant stripe and a scruffy pasty: Step two - Continue with the hand. And this time? Grip Style: We will not dig too far because the pictures speak for themselves only nonetheless, I will point out the importance since the decision on the size and structure of the mouse must correspond to a specific grip. It is not possible to hold a mouse for a long time that does not fit the hand structure without suffering from pain. By the way, for some reason I have been persuaded by these posters that what suits me is PLAM. But in practice, I experienced pain and it was only afterwards that it turned out that all the traditional mice that I had and we all know were actually CLAW with some PLAM match, which created the confusion for me and made me aim somewhere wrong. So allow me to spare you and say in advance - you are these CLAW if you are (but really!) Otherwise safe. See for example an excellent pair of mice that turned out to be Totally Forced PLAM and I just couldn't continue to use them anymore so I had to say goodbye to my heartache: Minox Naos 8200 Razer Deathadder and now the artistic part everyone was waiting for: a laser show? No. But not really. Really it's even unnecessary to expand on the subject because this laser sensor is a complete nonsense invented only to represent a particularly high DPI that is not actually used. And the worst part is that the DownScale that a sensor does to reach reasonable and reasonable mouse speed for work simply creates amputations and frames skips, which leads to a completely absurd lack of color accuracy. And so: only my optical sensor (!) My first and last laser mouse: Thermaltake Level 10M For more arguments and arguments about the matter should be addressed directly to Linus: Now we only have to go over the decorations matter: RGB? Obviously. Proven to improve performance and even gives atmosphere. Just keep in mind that during use, the wrist-covered lead cannot be seen and it sucks a little, so if possible don't worry about not having a single LED like the Razor Taipan model I recommended. MMO and Sniper Button? Yes, why not? I was not allowed to use because I am not a RPG player, I have no interest in programmable buttons for such and other skills, but there are quite a few models that meet the definition: Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB Optical MOBAMMO and I did not enjoy a sniper button mouse but read positive reviews on usability And it looks really cool, by the way, I found an impressive full symmetrical model I almost bought myself: the Corsair M65 Pro RGB I will note that I like Corsair products over Razor and others because they do not save on material costs. With them everything is a serious and massive aluminum base that lasts for a long time and not just plastic, even though it doesn't really matter. The only gaming mouse that got in my hands was actually a cruiser, the pulley started to fake me. But it was your used mouse. You know what it went through and yet it worked for me for many beautiful years. I also heard about quite a few glitches in a variety of different models so nothing can be deduced from that. Total Gaming Mouse is a lifelong durable product. Well and what about sweat prevention ventilation ribs? Quite seriously ... The Glorious Model O really looks like a great mouse with great reviews. But it's just a gimmick ... I had the Level 10 originally designed in collaboration with BMW with the aim of creating efficient and true dynamics. But in practice, they realized it didn't really do anything even though the mouse looked like a sieve. So they retired from the project so as not to tarnish their good name. So maybe weights? Yes indeed! And even desirable! I had already encountered mice that were not heavy enough so there was a sense of cheap product on the contrary, too heavy mice that needed too much energy to start moving which causes inaccuracies in the small vibrations. The Logitech G502 will not only lie and claim that weights have solved the problem or at least not from start to finish, but this flexibility actually contributes to the feeling that something has improved there. And to the wire? personally? No. I mean, why mess with batteries and pay more ?? In my humble opinion, the strings of gaming mice are built well enough and long enough to never interfere. But unlike non-gaming mice - today the exact color of the thread is not damaged, so I will not object if someone considers it appropriate to get rid of the thread forever. Only good luck with good loading. So that's it. I'm done saying everything that's been on my heart all these years ^^ so hope you enjoyed it!
  14. A little rushed to disqualify the be quiet, I really like it and in my opinion it also wins the test against the p101 but the NX800 is considered a monster here. I just said that if your consideration is actually noise - then it has no advantage if and when you install liquid cooling. That is to say it does not mean it has no other benefits, etc.
  15. If you are not building on liquid cooling then bequiet has a quiet level advantage because its top comes with noise isolation (these if you remove it for liquid cooling ...) I think it will be quietest because the NX800 is very 'hollow' to its nation But in terms of performance the NX800 takes because of its cooling you get a pair of large fans in the front that you won't find in another case. The differences in quiet are not psychic, it's only if you make recordings in the studio or something so it might be relevant. If you were to leave it on at night, it would be something that might disturb your bedroom ..
  16. Apologies in advance if this is not the place to discuss it seems it is time to refresh some of my little brother's thstap. To budget the next computer, I will need your help to upgrade the current computer: CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 CPU 3.20GHz CPU Cooling: Arctic Alpine 11 rev 2 Motherboard: Gigabyte B150M-D3H RAM: DDR 4 (2x8G) 16G / 2133H'z Kingstone Graphic Accelerator: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB WINDFORCE X3 - GV-N970WF3OC-4GD Drive Mode: Corsair SSD 240G Force Series LE 2.5 "SATA III Hard Drive: Seagate 1T SATAIII - ST1000LM035 Supplier: Antec VP-500PC Watt Case: Antec GX The hard disk is unloaded from some laptop that has been converted to SSD (not yet used) and system later only so it does not show up in my receipt and is only 500 rpm. The computer was purchased at TMS in December 5400 and if it changes something then there are original boxes for everything except the processor Bought as a Tray and a hand-purchased video card 2016 so what do you think? Worth ?
  17. Don't know who is there above me and what he is talking about, but I can tell you that this IP camera is usually intended for continuous network transmission as a security camera and not a standard camera that connects to the computer to broadcast on ZOOM so please note that a normal camera should cost around 100 NIS. AMD's equivalent to the I5 Model 9600K is Rayzn 5 3600 *, but I'm not updated with the new models released this month. Worth checking.
  18. The problem is I'm not sure that the ac7 v2 is good enough for us, even though the casing is only 65W in the purchase class I came to the box office with this model exactly and the experts from startPc told me it was really unnecessary because the AMD's stoke is quite tangent to it and doesn't need it if you take something serious More in the quest for OC. Yes, it turned out that they were a bit mistaken because it didn't seem to hurt third-party cooling here in the end, but who said that ac7 vs2 would solve a problem that Stoke didn't solve?
  19. Look, it could very well be that the discussion opens with no interest in the specifics of a home nas server and then there is no longer much room for confusion and the full budget must be utilized for the kind of hardware you know to perform the data processing optimally. The big question is whether the discussion opener agrees with the premise after he has really researched and researched the topic in depth and has clearly found that it does not matter (because according to the findings on the first page it seems that it is.
  20. I have addressed the archive management capabilities in a way that contributes to you and improves working conditions. The solution you offered (external SATA connection) is definitely nice but not really what this person needs. I can talk a lot more here about how NAS may be effective in this work and how much I contrast to you, yes I think it is right to dedicate a tiny pinch of processing power in favor of this resource but you agree that I am a little tired of this discussion .. I have given my opinion and this should give the discussion motivator enough To examine the issue soon with his own eyes.
  21. 1. I specifically mentioned, the memory (also a different brand that saves you 100 shekels per stick) and the chassis (+ supplier) that were very luxury - became the cheapest bundle I found of a kind to do the job. 2. No. This processor is good enough to meet the requirements and the price level here fits the budget. What also comes with good enough cooling to save investment in third party cooling and also allows you to purchase a board at a cheaper or at least cost, a board that supports better technologies and in short - a lucrative business today to choose AMD. 3. Good question. why is it important ?? If there is a defect in the product and it requires immediate replacement it will happen. But if it's good, these products are almost nil and probably won't see any trouble down the road ... 4. No need. Sticking to the guidelines opens the discussion of his choice of 250 drive in the initial specification whatever - don't know parents who need hundreds of gigabytes while browsing the net .. Cubidon - hope this answers your questions. If there are no additional / other requirements there is no reason to open another discussion. Just note that the budget here does not include peripherals!
  22. The Bazooka only supports up to 4x of SATA III Guess what? Which brings us back to the most crucial question here - so apart from me, for those of you who go out to work in heavy media processing and manage some good TB on a daily basis? Is there anyone else here who really knows what he is talking about in this area of ​​editing and dealing with DATA ??? A man has a fucking 6 HDD thrown in the house and he doesn't know how to deal with them. His delusional solution is to add another 4TB to the collection and just let me tell you it's not going to solve the trouble for him. The computer I gave didn't create any logical bottleneck although memory could always be upgraded and expanded nor would I oppose upgrading the processor in 400 shekels and taking 3700X to close all open allowances. But the main thing here should be the DATA management, which leads us to choose a poor board and throw some money in the trash.
  23. I imagined. Whether 34 in its regular version is good enough for us because - be quiet! CPU Cooling Dark Rock 4 This is both cool and significantly more expensive.
  24. Unequivocal 2 of 200. Higher and quieter utilization. The G202 only comes with a pair of 120mm on the front +1 on the back and it's not in the direction of these 2X200 any more closer to the 3 X120 (only on the front) and it also falls in relation to the 200 X2 and no matter how you make it, the NX800 is a more innovative, nicer, cooler case More and just more successful. About the vendor - I have no clue.
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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

The intermediate model from the Turing generation adopts the number of active units in its refreshed super version, equipped with double the volume of graphic memory - and goes out to provide a solution to some of the constant demand for more and more video cards