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  1. Hi friends for several years I want to move to a table that has the ability to adjust the height and if desired to turn it into a standing table. Of course I saw all the tables "ready" but I wanted to know if anyone knows or knows of a table that I can assemble myself? I will explain the problem, at the moment I live in a small apartment with little space for a computer desk (108 cm) but in the future I will probably move to an apartment with space for a larger desk. Which suits me and in the future I will be able to replace this brace with a larger one but use the same “infrastructure.” I hope it was understandable enough and I would love to hear suggestions and help :)
  2. Thank you! I was able to duplicate the drive and everything I wanted without any problems except one - the software would duplicate the old drive (the 110 GB) perfectly, meaning that a 460 GB drive is divided into several recovery partitions, a 110 GB partition and the remaining space. I want to add another 90 gigabytes to the C drive that I left free, but when I click on the Cd partition on the C partition, it does not allow me to increase space, only to dim. I wanted to know how do I authorize another 90GB drive to C to be on the same physical drive but not populated? I have attached a picture of the drive Thank you very much!
  3. Hello friends, I have an original Windows 10 that has been installed on my 110 GB drive for a good few years, the space on the drive is starting to run out and I want to transfer all Windows with all the software installed on drive C as a re-option to a new drive. For the sake of interest I have allocated a 200GB partition of a new NVME SSD drive and like I said I am looking for a way to copy everything including everything to the new drive and that it will be a C drive from now on. I wanted to ask is it possible to do that? And if so, can all files that are not Windows but are in drive C such as Program Files and such be able to pass so that I do not feel replaced while using the computer? After the replacement I plan to format the drive that is now used as drive C Thank you very much
  4. Hi there, I have a lot of problems with my Windows and I am thinking of doing a new install of it. The problem I have with this idea is that I have a lot of things installed by default on drive C or installed on another drive but they have some files on drive C. It didn't work and I had to reinstall almost everything. I wanted to ask if I have the option to install Windus (on a different drive than it does today, if it matters) and will it copy or maintain any existing connections? Or is there no way to reinstall everything? Thank you
  5. 1080 60hz but it can always be upgraded in the future
  6. Hi there, I need to build a spec for a bar mitzvah gaming computer. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is it possible to make an exception if necessary? Budget of 6,000 Exception option of 500 maybe a little more if it is really worth it 2. What computer useful (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), there is a specific example of a game or software? Especially mainly gaming, maybe in the future will want to do YouTube and the like. 3. Is the peripherals needed (eg keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No, there is everything 4. Is there a basic component that need not be included in the specification? (For an already existing SSD drive that can be attached) Nothing, you need to assemble everything 5. How important is quiet computer operation? It is not necessary to be particularly quiet but also not to be noisy and unpleasant. average. 6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size and weight of the computer, lights, etc.? Less looking for SuperTanker because it sat at or on a computer desk, preferably a programmable cool RGB and all (Aura and such) 7. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (if you prefer a version) and / or a computer train in the store? Would I be happy to shop in the store as long as it is reasonably priced 8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If it is also not possible to specify a residential area. Prefer not to be from KSP after everything I've been hearing about for the past few months. 9. When is the computer purchase planned (it is highly desirable to request a specification at a short time when buying) Very soon, almost immediately 10. Are there any special requests for ports and connections (such as USB Type-C or FireWire)? If you can find something that is USBC enclosure or USBC Thunderbolt it will be excellent for the future 11. Is it important to keep your computer up to date? Yes as much as possible 12. Additional notes, extended detail and variance: It is important that the chassis is beautiful, if possible with RGB that can talk to other products (such as GPU) it is nice, it is important to keep a memory upgrade future, then say one 16 gigabytes stick Excellent. And that PCIE and what is running it (not closed if it is a processor) will support PCIE GEN4 to enable future upgrades, thank you!
  7. I don't have a specific budget, it really depends on the specification of the computer, I don't use a touch screen at all so don't have to
  8. Here are some friends I will soon be starting in a place that will require about an hour and a half drive each way, so I want to have a laptop on which I can work on travel (mostly animations, patches, and mapping software like ArcMap), things that are important to me: ____________________________________________________________________ At least two USB sockets -C when one is for charging an HDMI socket does not need a resolution screen above 1080p I7 13-14 inches (no touch screen) at least 16 gigabytes, if it is scalable in the future then generally welcome if there is a medium video card (not based on The processor and not something at RTX level) ____________________________________________________________________ I would love to hear recommendations
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