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  1. I think there is some misunderstanding here, but there is no doubt that this technology is a Game Changer ... In supporting games it is heaven and earth .. The beauty is the added performance to the weaker cards of this generation that support
  2. A new computer, built-in anti-virus of win10 installation file will extract when I run nothing happens ... what do I do?
  3. What you're basically saying is that there's no reason to hold ups for a gaming computer ??? I really have no reason to keep the computer on battery, the only reason is to turn off safely and disconnect from the power until it comes back .. I heard stories about suppliers / motherboards that burned from electrical fluctuations / short circuits .. The question is what the chance .. Until now I had ups and actually on the system My most expensive / powerful to give it up?
  4. In idle mode there is no noise, in game mode fans are working and there is a lot of noise (of the ups) the question is if there is damage to the computer that the power goes out considering there is an extension in the house. Tangle said no
  5. Get up and be, the computer came with gigabite vison ... I am very happy with the computer and the screen ... Thank you very much for the help! Question ... I have a problem with the ups .. it is relatively new, eton 1500i with 900w when I run a game it is a fan operator that makes a very loud noise that detracts from the game experience .. it is hard for me to give up the ups because I always had. The company in the tangle said that it is completely unnecessary and a power book knows how to protect the computer .. Antek 750W 80Plus Gold Fully Modular model Give up the power supply or try to find one with 1500w? No one has promised me that even a stronger switch will not turn on cooling effort .. this is a computer that consumes a lot of power
  6. The usual drivers of nividia? Wrong tickets is a phenomenon now?
  7. I realized that compared to Asus, Zotak's capacitors are less quality. Assembly quality is less good .. Another interesting thing Wheatley said is that there are now more defective tickets. He said that there was 3090 that after a day of life .. It is not enough that there is no stock, what comes is also screwed .. Then he said only 5% will go wrong
  8. Call from tangle and offer pny xlr8 instead of asus tuf. The pny is more expensive at 500 NIS .. claimed there that they have dozens of entire computer systems stuck due to lack of cards, ready to come to me at a discount of 200 NIS so I add 300 NIS to get the pny. Do not know the card at all ... worth adding 300 Chess and get a computer tomorrow or keep waiting?
  9. I was able to catch Start ... the same specs a thousand shekels less. Very very undecided what to do, and if I can get the on-screen tangled in exchange for the down payment and complete the rest from the start
  10. I was knocked hard with the stock of 3080 .... tms Eilat is a scandalous example! Do you want a cheap computer? Sabba will enter the waiting list for each section separately! By the time all the specifications arrive, the next generation has already left ... that's why I ordered a tangle. I was told there the tickets were dripping in singles
  11. Is there a way to get an operating system key without paying $ 500 for a tangle?
  12. Anyway I bought a complete computer with assembly .. believe that tangle remember me and give me first of all what there is
  13. 3070 for me not an option. By the way, Benchim are running now .. Ubisoft games run at 2k around 60fps in high settings ... on the face of why I buy 144hz
  14. Yes .. tms no Eilat was expensive, yes Eilat said there are crazy waiting lists .. they prefer Netanya. start did not answer me .. do not know what the problem of these stores each has its disadvantage. Tangle for example, an opponent sometimes gives you a completely arrogant feeling and their site is not accessible at all
  15. Not just in a mess .. From that all the shops ?? For me there is only tms tangle and start
  16. Rumor has it that 3080 cannot be obtained ... Is there an estimate of when the importer will arrive in Israel?
  17. mage knows my it does not matter .. especially with a windowless and quiet case. Speaking of the discussions about the overclocking in the discussion about the processors .. does it even matter in gaming performance ??
  18. Ordered from tangle, tms were too busy for me, startpc did not answer me at all. I originally ordered Zotak, I was told that what comes first will be given to me .. Asus Zotak what is there
  19. Absolutely ... I bet he will give me a good frame in the strong titles for no more than two years .. Come on now on 2k scratches the 100-120 fps .. I do not know if it will be better then
  20. Booked with your help in good time! What's the story with the memories for the new processors? I was told they are sensitive and better speed 3200
  21. At a good time he was invited from a mess .. Ordering a computer once every few years is a great feeling! Glad there is someone to share
  22. Why did you choose precious memories that cost twice as much as everything there is
  23. This means that the case should not be large either ... the question is how will there be a circulation of 3080 in a small case with such a board
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