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  1. Hello, I encountered an error 0xc000000e after running the manual: and I created an additional system partition I now have a dual operating system, one still with the other (new) error working normally. How do I arrange to have only one and can I delete the damaged one and leave the new one without losing anything? By the way when I wrote the bootrec commands it brought error messages that this specific file was not found or anything like that .. Thanks.
  2. Hello I disconnected yesterday in error 0xc000000e Operating system does not boot. After I enter the commands; bootrec / fixboot I get access is denied in the hard partition list partition I do not see the operating system.
  3. Hi need your help: just a point I want to point out, do not know if it matters, it happened after there was really some battery and I left the computer on and did not connect to the charger. As a friend and turned it on this screen went up. A few more things I want to point out. I have installation media on an on-key disk, after dealing with the CMD with the help of tutorials from YouTube and which guide on the network the installation media does not cost more. But straight goes to this screen after the manufacturer's logo in the bot .. The cause of the error is constantly changing. The screen flashes at such a margin This is a guide I followed where I burned another installation media on another on-key disk, and installation begins
  4. Hello, I have 2 sockets in the room. When a charger is plugged into socket number 1, I feel currents when I touch the back of the palm (with the hair) at the edges which are made of metal. When I connect to socket number 2, I do not feel any current - I also tried another socket in the house and there is no current. I recently asked a family member to touch the way I described in the margins and he got an instant stream (itching was not something powerful but he raised his hand in a panic. I asked my dad today to put his palm down and he did not feel anything. Did not feel anything this time.What could it be? Again, if I connect the charger to socket number 2 I'm not bitter
  5. Hi, just quoting you just in case you get an alert, do not know if you get an update on my response if not quoted. Thanks for the explanation. How do I find out if my BIOS has a WHITELIST? Safe to buy from the Chinese? In terms of the quality of the goods?
  6. I have the ASUS N550JV computer Can I upgrade it to a network card? Asking for a recommendation for a WIFI dongle (want an dongle for aesthetic and security reasons because a network card adapter with warts antennas and also can ruin my USB port because of it. Thank you very much PS I am connected to the fiber
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