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  1. Hi, I have an LG G2 that I use occasionally and still works great. The problem is that it is Android version 4.2 and a lot of apps do not work on it and when I choose the built - in option on the device to update a version it says that it is the latest version. How do I upgrade his version? I have seen all kinds of solutions in Google but I have also seen that they can knock the device in all sorts of ways, for example that it will not work well and the like. Thanks! PS And is it possible to do the upgrade knowing that the various data will be saved (WhatsApp, photos, text messages, contacts, etc.) or it will delete everything? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a 100 megabytes of Hot and Eighty Internet that has worked great for a long time on WiFi. In recent months it has become very slow and with a lot of disconnections (around the clock) for no reason I know what it is. The technical support and also the change of the router (Hotbox 2) did not solve the problem. Is it worth upgrading to 200 MB (then I will get a Hotbox 4 router)? Will it solve the problem or will it do nothing? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a Hot Hotbox and almost every day I have problems with it disconnecting and surfing very slowly. I heard that you can buy a router and connect it to a hotbox and it can solve all the problems. is it true? And if so - which router to buy? Is it worth the hundreds of shekels? Thanks
  4. I never knew and suddenly I saw in which video the following information - when you are inside a YouTube channel and enter playlists, even though it says "all playlists" do not really see all the playlists, and you have to click this button and select "created playlists" and only then see all the playlists in the channel . Did you know that? I do not understand it - it's a really, really basic thing. Why don't they show everyone on "all playlists" ?? Is it written all ??
  5. Hi, I have some videos I need to download from YouTube. IDM does not work for me. I checked some extensions that also do not work ... I checked to download through two sites that I came to when I searched in Google download from youtube and I also did not succeed. Is there a way to download?
  6. Hello, when I turn on Dell's vostro about a year and a half ago it goes straight to this screen - and then it goes to this screen - and it turns off. What is the problem? How can this be fixed? Thank you!!!
  7. Hi, I once heard that it is not possible to do more than one image disk on one external drive. That is - you can do for example 10 images on 10 hard drives, but not 10 on one drive. is it true? Does it change from a Windows Image disk (for example Windows 7) to software like Macrium for example? If I use Macrium - can I really only do one image on one drive or can I do as many as I want on the same drive? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I want to buy an external disk for backup, 2 tera I think will suffice for me. I saw this drive - external digital hard drive Western Digital Elements Portable WDBU6Y0020BBK 2000GB in Zap it is 317 shekels in Amazon it is 71 dollars including shipping https: // www. Is there a better solution to what I need from the drive I wrote? And if this is the best solution - buy from Israel or Amazon? Thanks!!!
  9. Hey, does anyone know a good app that works that gives another cell phone number? I just want to post something and I do not want to put my personal number.
  10. Hello, is it possible to use 3-4 Facebook profiles (all real, old, with friends and everything) on ​​one laptop or maybe Facebook will think there are fakes here and block some or all of them? Please answer only to those who have experience and understand it.
  11. Hi, what is the lowest price you can get for a provider and infrastructure for 100 megabytes (I do not think I need more ...)? And how do you do that? Need to threaten to leave? Customer retention? I am currently paying NIS 68 for Eager + ITC, can I get cheaper or something cheaper and better?
  12. Hi, I want to move an apartment and post the apartment I currently live in, but I want to post from a profile that is not mine because I do not want anyone who knows me to know that I am moving. I tried to open a new profile but after trying to join 2-3 groups of apartments for rent and post an ad, Facebook blocked the profile (even though I verified even with a phone number). Where can I buy a Facebook profile that works and is not blocked? Thanks!
  13. thank you for the answer. It sure prevents the trekker? I mean - whoever programmed the trekkers didn't find a way around this (because I guess they thought it)?
  14. Hi, I know some people send a type of tracker to see if someone opened an email. How can I open emails in Gmail and if there are any trekkers they will not run? I read different places that need to be disable for images but I don't know if it is XNUMX% blocked because I did it and opened several emails from mailing lists that are sure to have XNUMX% trackers and Gimail did not ask me to allow images to open.
  15. Hi, I was in the living room when I heard a small blast from the bedroom. I went to a bedroom and saw that the laptop is off (it needs to be plugged in all the time), and the light that is supposed to be on in the charger is off too. I was sure that the charger went off in Pfeiffer after quite a few years (a low inspirational computer is not new at all). But I said maybe it's something else. I pulled out the charger and waited for about 30-40 minutes to cool. I put it back in the wonder and wonder - the green light came on, I connected to the computer and the computer turned on and everything was fine ... so what was that thing ???
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