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  1. Hi want to consult if it ever works for me ... So like this: Desktop computer with CPU i5 16GB DDR3 memory wants to install Vmware ESX on it and set up two servers 1) Should be a file server to which backups will be made 2) Not yet known but it does not matter For practice * would like to purchase a RAID controller if possible thanks to helpers
  2. Hi people asking for your help ... I found eSafe hg-200 and I wanted to "play" with it at home I was able to reset it, reinstall, and configure it ip ip port 1 ip port 2 Dns Default getway manually through the panel after I set it up ip static laptop I am trying to connect to and not reach Does anyone know how to use this dinosaur? Google has not even found any results other than ebay that sell there ... if there is anyone who can help thank you very much
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