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  1. The TV does support 2.1 and the computer is directly connected to it, which means that sound and video are transferred to it, only sound is transmitted to the receiver, I need support for 2.1 also for sound only. There are currently no plans to connect anything to the receiver directly (other than the TV)
  2. Hi, I'm looking for more clarification regarding HDMI 2.1, I plan to upgrade the entire media system in the living room this year, (TV + receiver + speakers), I wanted to know if I need HDMI 2.1 also in the receiver, I intend to connect a living room computer directly to the TV with 2.1 and with eARC to the receiver , My question is do I need a receiver with 2.1 if I do not connect to it directly? As for the need for 2.1, I do intend to play with the computer on 4k 120. If the answer is not which receiver is currently recommended up to 2500 - 3000 and if so ... it will be expensive, what is the most reasonable receiver (price for performance) with 2.1? Thanks and hope the answer is no
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