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  1. Looking for a quality and quiet mouse and of course as cheap as possible. Not looking for something heavy right now, not heavy gaming and stuff like that, yes pressing a lot and using the pulley non-stop and it is important to me that it be as quiet as possible and work as smoothly as possible. I would say budget up to 100 but can also go towards 150 if there is something better quality. At the moment I am with a Logitech m170 (I have had it for over 3 years) and I am very upset about the truth, except that the pulley has gone and the pressures are very noisy.
  2. Hi friends I have a problem with the pulley, it works but does not work well. When I scroll down it can either scroll up or scroll through such vibrations (up and down). It's been a while like this but today it really started to get annoying. I replaced the battery, removed the device from the device manager and reconnected the USB but none of that helped. What do you think can be done to fix other than buying a new mouse?
  3. Hi friend, I would love your help. I progressed a bit a lot at work, but I have a problem with displaying the photos. The pictures are shown to me one in such a size and one in such a size. I'm supposed to make a gallery of 6 images using FLEX, so I'm basically interested in having 2 columns of 3 rows, each column an ​​image. It's supposed to be like this - - - - - - for some reason each image is a different size, I can not use object-fit (forbid us) and I do not want to give a certain height because it will just stretch images and it will look ugly. Is there another way?
  4. First of all thanks for the help. I saw what you did, also the section of the overlay closed in a different place I noticed it was a game changer completely. I did this on my current job and it does work but something that is a bit unclear to me. Once the mouse moves over the image, the caption is somehow larger than some of the images. How can I make sure the caption fits exactly the size of the image and does not pass it? EDIT: And how can I also make the image disappear a bit as soon as I move with the image? Let them see the caption more clearly?
  5. שמתי גם את קוד הCSS. בהערות בקוד הCSS אלה הקודים מW3S מאחד המדריכים שלהם שראיתי. בכל אופן, כמו שתוכל לראות בקוד הHTML יש לי מספר תמונות, לכל תמונה שמתי קלאס וכיתוב. איך אני משתמש מפה הלאה אני לא יודע.. אגב, השימוש בסקשנים הוא לבקשת המורה, אסור לנו להשתמש בdiv.
  6. I saw this guide but it really complicated me, so I would love for you to help me beyond. How do I upload the code there?
  7. Hello friends, what's going on? As I wrote in the title, I have a task to make pictures in FLEX, and on each picture should be put a dedicated HOVER with dedicated text for each one. I have no idea how to do it and I really need help. For example, I have an image, I gave it a section inside with another class of text and some caption inside, but in CSS I have no idea how I should write it.
  8. I just want to see if I find something that interests me that I can start studying right after my engineering studies. I also think that if I have a hard second year with all the math and so on, it might be better for me to just retire and start learning something else that is also more desirable in the market (in terms of diploma) and will also interest me. I'm just ignorant of all the high-tech studies and professions that exist in the country unfortunately
  9. The truth is, it's not a bad idea at all. Is it really possible to seek academic advice through the ZOOM? Can you tell me how? By the way, it's important to note. I haven't made myself clear enough so I'll say here - the field of study that interests me is any area that will get me into the high-tech world. I said too general words such as computing or technology because I couldn't find the right word. The word came to my mind and now I indicate. High-tech!
  10. Obviously, but by second year, God is great. This whole corona thing is not easy, and online learning is just one big fall. Also, so far we have only learned basic and I am having a hard time, so think about what happens when the second year goes to much more complex matters - a little worrying to me. Of course I will do everything to be successful, but plans for one and reality for one. How about other professions? Do you have something in mind that you think might be of interest to me?
  11. Thank you so much, of course, for greatly appreciating your response. Just point out that I study at an institution that is not at a level that has student counselors. The consultants there only talk about the areas of engineering that exist in their college, unfortunately there is no support.
  12. two years. Soon (if the corona allows) is supposed to finish first year. The plan is to try to finish the semester best and see the year in (which should be a lot harder) and so know the direction. Software engineers also have math, so still try to give myself what is possible. However, I still want to try to get to know the field of study at a much higher and more serious level.
  13. I probably didn't make myself clear. My intention is not to give up on the engineer and start something on the spot, but to think about the post-engineer if everything goes well. Obviously there are examples of crazy successes as engineers and not only (such as John Bryce) but like success examples there are also fall examples. In the specific case of the current institution, fewer are familiar.
  14. why? I'll tell you why I came to consult. I heard from my environment talk about information systems. These information systems are not engineering degrees which means that the math in them is lower than in engineering (at least I guess so). So, I said I wanted to look into degrees related to computing and technology (again, I think I exaggerated a bit with the computer thing, but I'm basically talking about all gadgets (if it's sample app development) and any technology that goes by day). I want to know degrees that come from topics that interest me.
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