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  1. Hello everyone, need a little help. I need to access Environment Variables using a Batch command in the Windows environment, view a value of one of them, update it, and view its updated value. As much as I did not deaf Google I could not do it. I do manage to access the PATH itself using echo% PATH% or do a set that prints everything for me but I do not know how to go in depth, how do I print a value of something specific and how do I update it? I'll be glad to receive your help
  2. Hello everyone. I suffer from a high ping in my internet connection and realized I should try to open ports. I have no idea how to do it and I saw a guide here: The problem is that it is for hotbox and not for fiberbox, will it fit or is there a guide adapted for fiberbox as well?
  3. We are allowed to use as many stacks as we want, but provided they meet exactly what we learned (which is what I wrote to you above) temp1 purports to be the stack to which all digits equal to a number move. All unequal digits are passed to temp. This is basically the idea, but I can not implement it
  4. And again, this is exactly what we are not allowed to touch. The only ones we are allowed are push, pop, top and isEmpty. 3. I wish our lives were easier
  5. We are allowed to use another stack. This is exactly what I am now trying to do as well. I changed the code a bit, I got here: public static boolean ex5 (Stack s, int num) {// o (n) Stack temp = new Stack (); int x = num; Stack temp1 = new Stack (); boolean flag = false; while (! s.isEmpty ()) {if (! s.isEmpty () && () == x% 10) {temp1.push (s.pop ()); x / = 10; if (x == 0) flag = true; } else if (temp1.isEmpty ()) {temp.push (s.pop ()); } else {if (! temp1.isEmpty ()) temp.push (temp1.pop ()); x = num; }} x = num; while (! temp1.isEmpty ()) {s.push (temp1.pop ()); } while (! temp.isEmpty ()) s.push (temp.pop ()); return flag; }
  6. First of all thank you for the help. The problem is that your code is really different from my code, in terms of what is allowed and what is not. Our uses are solely in Stack s some, and in loops that are while, for, if, switch, do-while and that's it. Use of other things is forbidden to us. So it's a problem to flow with your code, you understand?
  7. I can basically do as long as the number is different from 0, take it 10% and put it in a stack and each time divide the number by 10, no? The question is how do I progress from here
  8. We did not learn about it then so I can not use it. I have to do something here with auxiliary cartridges and loops to find everything ...
  9. Need to check them too, take for example the cartridge 3,2,1,1,2 (the right 2 is actually the top). In this specific case, with num = 321 it should return true and return false. When I did the run, once it reaches the first 1, it exists and deletes it, and then it reaches the second 1, it does not exist and deletes it as well. Only literature
  10. I gave up, a whole week to serve and just got stuck. 5 exercises, 4 I did and one just failed. I would love for you to help me. The exercise is: Write an external function that receives as a parameter a positive integer and a stack of digits. The function must return true if digits of the number appear sequentially in the stack in some order and false otherwise. How the hell do I do that? I was already mentally broken, I tried everything from everything. My code looks something like this: Stack temp = new Stack (); int x = num; boolean flag = false; while (! s.isEmpty ()) {if ( () == x% 10) {temp.push (s.pop ()); x / = 10; if (x == 0) flag = true; } else {temp.push (s.pop ()); x = num; }} x = num; while (! temp.isEmpty ()) {if ( () == x% 10) {s.push (temp.pop ()); x / = 10; if (x == 0) flag = true; } else {s.push (temp.pop ()); x = num; }} return flag;
  11. maor18

    Stuck in PHP exercise

    So basically what I passed as parameter 2 is not true? So what is a decision function actually? Okay, good to know thanks
  12. We received an exercise in which these sections are: a. Write a function for sorting an array in descending order. Use the transfer function decision by name. B. Calculate and print the number of times that called a decision function during the program The requirements are to do decision functions and use at some point also in uasort. In addition to that, I'm also trying to figure out how I can actually take all the situations (for that matter, if I have a one-dimensional or multi-dimensional array, etc.) regarding everything else, I'm pretty stuck with my code so far it looks like this:
  13. Looking for a quality and quiet mouse and of course as cheap as possible. Not looking for something heavy right now, not heavy gaming and stuff like that, yes pressing a lot and using the pulley non-stop and it is important to me that it be as quiet as possible and work as smoothly as possible. I would say budget up to 100 but can also go towards 150 if there is something better quality. At the moment I am with a Logitech m170 (I have had it for over 3 years) and I am very upset about the truth, except that the pulley has gone and the pressures are very noisy.
  14. Hi friends I have a problem with the pulley, it works but does not work well. When I scroll down it can either scroll up or scroll through such vibrations (up and down). It's been a while like this but today it really started to get annoying. I replaced the battery, removed the device from the device manager and reconnected the USB but none of that helped. What do you think can be done to fix other than buying a new mouse?
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