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  1. Please, CC-9011211-WW For fans you do not have to put with LEDs / lights.
  2. 750W power is definitely recommended if you want to upgrade. Modular interest in comfort and arrangement that will look beautiful. I had your cooler and it's huge, look at the link it shows which cases are suitable for cooling. One fan will be higher because of the memories
  3. Agree with you, it's okay. Not everyone has an extra computer either, think about it. I also have a versatility but my preference is to check on a computer that I work with on a regular basis with the latest hardware and software and games that I work with
  4. Depends .... if you understand a bit you create IMGAE for yourself through ACRONIS and do what you want, do not go well and come back in half a minute as if nothing happened.
  5. There is nothing certain, but if we do not try we will not know.
  6. The day Windows 11 came out I installed, and despite the concerns and always good to wait ... for some reason I did not find any problem and no bugs in the new operating system even in gaming
  7. Thanks so much for the comments, I will probably wait with the upgrade.
  8. The truth is every good few years I upgrade, the last upgrade was from 3770K. The computer does nothing, everything runs smoothly with a 27-inch screen 2K 160HRZ probably just a desire and a lot of noise in the network raised the desire.
  9. A. Thank you very much b. If not worth replacing the CPU then there is no point in the whole upgrade.
  10. I wrote ... upgrade the system board, CPU, CPU cooling
  11. Moon-Mage will read what I wrote I want to upgrade the system
  12. Hi, I currently have CORSAIR 3000MHZ DDR4 memories I would like to upgrade to a new generation system such as a board and cooling processor. Should I upgrade to a DDR4 compatible board or wait for DDR5? Won't the speed of memories cause a bottleneck? I am currently using: I7 8700K, Z370 AROUS ULTRA GAMING, AROUS cooling, MSI 3070RTX
  13. What exactly is for sale? The office is already really old and this is the simple version. It has already been followed by many versions such as: 2010,2013,2016,2019 and now 2021
  14. A. Thanks so much for all the comments in. Luckily yes ... even in this so-called upgrade of the previous system I managed to sell at the price I asked for above the price of the comparisons as presented here. Hope this happens again. third. The previous system had a 3770K cooling processor from NUCTUA and 32GB memory and a board from INTEL, and everything sold for over 2000 NIS, hope that luck will be on my side again lol :-)
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