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  1. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a white CORSAIR 4000D case after its design and sampling. Yesterday I broke the glass side door of the case :-( Where or if such a new door can be obtained for a fee, it will probably not exceed the price of the entire case. Thanks in advance for answering.
  3. Thank you very much this is what I thought.
  4. Because the case is white and I think it's beautiful but performance is also important. How it is: Corsair Hydro H100i RGB PLATINUM 240mm liquid cooling
  5. Hello everyone, unfortunately after purchasing the above case: Corsair 4000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid Tower I am very oooooooh and looking shell there is one problem. For the door to the quarantine, so a recommendation for water cooling: preference for white that will fit the case.
  6. Hi everyone, Is there a situation where playing in SSD M.2 courses? I will explain: I installed a few games (hacked) and one original was not hacked in SSD 2.5 and everything worked fix. After purchasing SSD M.2 I reinstalled all the games and then the crashes started, after some game at a completely random time the games crashed. It should be noted that the whole system has passed normal tests and effort, and the temperature is completely normal. In addition other desktops installed in SSD 2.5 still work normally without crashes even after installing the games to M.2. I would love an opinion.
  7. I7 8700K Processor GIGABYTE Z370 AROUS ULTRA GAMING Board CORSAIR VENGEANES LED 8X2 DDR4 3000 Power Supply ASUS 750W Cooling NOCUTA DH-15 Approx. MSI RTX 3070 TRIO-X Screen Maximum Video Card Length: 360mm Maximum Power Supply: 180mm "(220mm in HDD cage removal) Maximum CPU cooling height: 170mm height does not seem to be a problem ... Correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Okay, thank you so much for everything. I'm going to rejuvenate the case.
  9. Games mostly ... Is there a situation where 16GB is not enough today? For a game like SYBERPUNK 2077 requirement 16 but it seems to me a little. Is it better to upgrade to 32GB?
  10. The truth is not the most possible a bit stressed and also I just got the video card. So you say it's better to still stay that way until performance is compromised. What bothers me the most is the case, maybe I will just upgrade it, I do not want the huge case anymore. Just a question of general knowledge What is the direction of the AMD system? And is it better to switch from INTEL (and it's clear to me this time not to take a K processor) or not?
  11. Um ... a good question. I know this processor is pretty powerful even though it came out in 2017 the previous processor was I7 3770K and it seems to me that the time has come you do not think?
  12. Hello everyone, today and as always I have an INTEL based system, I would like to take a step and make a move to the AMD system. I always bought the K processors even though I never did OC (yes I know a waste of money) Today I have: I7 processor 8700K GIGABYTE Z370 board AROUS ULTRA GAMING CORSAIR VENGEANES LED 8X2 DDR4 3000 memory power supply ASUS 750W cooling NOCUTA DH-15 C MSI RTX 3070 TRIO-X COOLER MASTER HAF-X FULL TOWER screen I would like to work for a smaller case such as: Corsair 4000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid Tower and it is important to note that I do not want the top but not the simple something intermediate. I would appreciate your assistance :-)
  13. The truth is I recently bought an NVME drive and all the games on it also get stuck in the SINGEL PLAYER but in a regular SSD everything runs smoothly. I7 8700K Z370 AROUS ULTRA GAMING MSI TRIOX 3070 RTX 16GB NVME A-DATA 500GB The hardware is OK and has passed every possible test
  14. So what are you actually saying Jabberwock?
  15. Pay half price for a ticket that does not come close to 6800XT and wait for the price to go down does not seem relevant to me because what will I do with the card later ??? It seems to me that I might just go for 6800XT despite the price and until it goes down ...
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