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  1. Hi, with your permission I will not fill out the form because I have already built a specification here and I would be happy to receive your opinion on it, if it matches what I wrote in the title. AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6Ghz Radeon Vega 8 AM4 ASUS PRIME A520M-K AM4, AMD A520, DDR4, PCI-E, VGA, HDMI G.Skill Aegis 8GB 2400Mhz DDR4 CL15 MSI GTX 1050 Ti Low Profile 4GB GDDR5 DVI HDMI DP PCI- E Kingston A400 M.2 SA400M8 / 120G 120GB SSD Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB Sata III WD10EZEX ADATA XPG Pylon Bronze 650W PYLON650B-BKCUS CoolerMaster MasterBox E501L Mid Tower Do you look okay? Identify a bottleneck or mismatch of parts somewhere? I can switch to i3 10100F and motherboard Asus H510M-K LGA1200 for an additional 170 shekels, will there be a significant difference? Worth the upgrade? And the fan that comes with AMD's (or Intel's if I upgrade) processor is good enough to give up extra CPU cooling?
  2. Hi, I have OCULUS QUEST 2 glasses and there is an option through them to take control of the computer via WIFI and thus play in set games wirelessly (VIRTUAL DESKTOP) The thing is that you need WIFI really really really powerful for that. 5 GHz or WIFI 6. I opened this thread a week ago - I managed to get a Hotbox 4 hot, and in the room where it is really connected there is a strong enough WIFI connection that gives 886 MB and that's how you can run VR games, the problem is I need such good reception in the next room Because in the router's room there is no room to move for the VR, in the next room I get from the same WIFI only 120 MB. And that's not enough. Excuse my failing drawing skills but the house looks something like this in the area where I use glasses - https://imgur.com/a/SbLCqHs I have a Partner TV in the house with converters in all rooms (including the router room and the VR room), the connection of the converters Is through these MOCA adapters of Partner that connect to the router on one side and all the rooms on the other side, http://fiberbox.hot.net.il/tutorials/internet/moca look something like this, only with the Partner logo instead of the Hot. If it somehow helps. Given the current situation I described, what would you recommend doing to get a good broadcast for what I need? I may be able to bring another router from Mehot, but I find it hard to believe that they will bring me another Hotbox 4 because they only agreed to give it to me when I arrived to retain customers before disconnecting, if I connect let's put HOTBOX 2 in place of the router near the computer, I use VR. I will not have a bottleneck or anything? Or maybe you recommend another solution?
  3. I saw on reddit that people say that there is no essential difference to the oculus between wifi 6 and 5ghz. In general how much will it cost me a router that supports 5ghz or that of wifi 6? What do I need to check in his specifications to know if it will suit me?
  4. Hi, I got vr glasses and for wireless play I need a modem that supports 5ghz or wifi 6. I currently have hotbox 2, hot infrastructure and Bezeq International provider. I played in wifi settings I have 802.11 b / g / n or 802.11 b / g only or 802.11 n only in all situations I only get 2.4ghz and that is not enough. Is there any way to configure it or ask for another modem eager? (I am with them only online). Or is it possible to buy a private modem in their place? Thanks for the helpers
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