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  1. I am interested in expanding my memory, this is a stationary computer that is a bit old (7 years), and I only have 2 slots on the motherboard (GIGABYTE H81M motherboard (total 8 GB, each 4 GB, DDR3 type) Now I realized that it is better that the 2 memories are compatible with the same volume if I exchange the two memories ie for: 8 and 8 GB (the board gives up to 16 GB) I have to pay a lot (270 NIS each card) And throw away a 4GB card that is relatively new (two and a half years) if I only replace 1 for 6GB or 8GB then the other memory will not match what you are offering me to do and how problematic are 2 RAMs that are not the same volume (is anyway The computer turns first to the lower memory and how much does it hurt the performance?) I would love your response because really the computer has started to falter a bit lately and only Google Chrome with some tabs already takes me 50% of the memory Thank you
  2. First of all thanks for the quick response Question: Is this site (.macupdate) reliable to download software from?
  3. Unable to connect to windows remote desktop from my Mac The problem is only in the last two or three days I realized there was a version update for the RDP app a few days ago and more Mac users are unable to connect there is a solution for someone What do I do? Need to connect to VPN (f5) through work and fails
  4. Hello Friends I will be glad to help you, I have a hard time thinking about continuing my path. After I got out of the military, where I dealt with the computer field (more the network and some programming), I decided I wanted to specialize in computer science, so I went to study for a college degree in college. In general), and I actually left after 3 months. It should be noted that I went to a college one year ago (for the immature) at the same college, and already experienced some difficulties in math. But the grades were not bad at the end of preparations (over 70 math), and yet not enough for her College, but I gave myself another chance to study for a degree anyway. The admission conditions at that college were rigid and I decided I was not under pressure (I had restrictions on how much I could study for the semester and did not like it, whether I was studying or not), on the other hand, not I invested a lot in math preparation. After a while I started to fake and not invest, and the grades were in line (under 55, math), I didn't give myself a chance to maybe improve (I only started my degree after all), and retired after 3 months. It's been about six months since, and I can't think of another field besides computers that fit me. The math that would have seemed scary back then, after practicing and repeating the stuff, less. I have the opportunity to teach at another college, a little less rigid (my acceptance condition there is enough), software engineering. My question is: Is it possible for me to stay a little easier for the degree over 4 years, in terms of spreading the material over time? Or is it not related, is it simply more material? 2. I heard that this title is less theoretical and more practical, and then could math be less difficult? Notably, I'm not young, around 28, which is also a consideration in terms of time. A second option is to go back to MDM for three years (not the same college). What seems a bit daunting to me, I still had an unsuccessful experience. Third option of course is to retire to another field, less mathematical. What do you say? Worth another try? Thanks to the helpers
  5. Thanks for the help. I got along. In the end, I found out that it was a problem with an update that many people reported causing problems. I removed it and all the problems stopped
  6. Hello friends, I ask for your help. Today I noticed that when I access the "Change User Account Control Settings" setting, I get an error message for windows I can't access the device for the specified path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions ... and in the title: File path .: UserAccountControlSettings.exe \ C: \ Windows \ System32 I need to log into the file in the folder to access the settings. Notice that I recently upgraded to 10 Can anyone help me? Is it a virus or something?
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