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  1. Hello, I recently bought a Ryzen 3600 processor and noticed that it runs on a 1.4V voltage automatically from the manufacturer. I switched to the Nuctua NH-D14 cooler but the resting temperatures are still a bit high, so I followed the following video: I set a maximum voltage of 1.25V at a frequency of 4300MHz and everything seemed stable. The problem is that I set up through Ryzen Master and these settings do not work automatically when the computer starts up, you have to log in to the software and set up a profile every time. Is it possible that it will be set automatically? Anyone know maybe? Thanks.
  2. And how do you think this screen is? Is it better to take something else on a budget?
  3. Hi, I have a gaming computer with GTX 1070. To this day I have been playing in a 24 "Full HD screen and decided I wanted to upgrade to something bigger. By and large I play occasionally on the computer but most of the time the use is mixed and I also read and surf the internet. I looked a bit at screens, and saw that ViewSonic are relatively low priced screens and I wanted to ask how are they? If they are good, can someone tell me what the difference is between this screen: and this: il / vx32112kmhd and in general I would love to hear recommendations for 27 "to 32" screens in 1440p resolution that can fit my budget (which is about up to 1400 NIS) Thank you very much
  4. I ordered a 2070 SUPER for NIS 800. Just so they don't charge NIS 3000
  5. Is it true that I have already ordered this board from TMS: Is it worth canceling to take MSI's Bazooka B550M from KSP's score? It costs 550 NIS. MSI's design looks better, the question is whether that's it or is there more differences? Thanks
  6. How's the Gison S550? I saw a second hand for 250 NIS with a warranty for another year and a half. It seems to have worked for about 3 years. Or is it better to buy something new in this budget (there is no ability to exceed)?
  7. exactly. Now, you will know why the man returned ... the problem is that it is impossible to know why the man returned to the store. Even if you do not see physical damage to the eye, enough of a messenger fell to the man from the hands and decided to return to KSP, a lot of glitches can pop up. Malfunctions that KSP will see as no malfunction (e.g. a sudden reset that happens once every few hours) and therefore will not help and I am left with a screwed up board.
  8. Hi, is there a risk in buying a motherboard from KSP's scoreboard?
  9. Hi, I'm thinking of three cases: Antec P110 Luce Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Be Quiet! Pure base 500 Window. Most important to me is a durable and strong case made of good materials. Construction quality is the first aspect I look at. Is there a better package with a budget of up to 350 NIS?
  10. Well, after reading a bit I realized that hearts are not everything in life. So what if the consoles move to 8 cores, what matters in games is the speed of the cores and not the amount of cores. As you can see the FX 8100 (which is octa-core) is behind the dual-core Athlon 3000G. The fact that it has 8 cores does not help it in gaming in any way, a weak processor. I think I'll go for the 3600.
  11. 1. So I understand that there is no point in waiting for the launch date because it is not sure if there will be a drop in prices, and if so then it will also not be significant? 2. I play at 1080P - 60Hz. The video card is GTX 1060 6GB. Maybe in the future I will switch to 1440P with a stronger card. Playing is the purpose of the computer. So maybe it's better for me to take a 3F with 10400 / 3000Mhz memory?
  12. And if anyone can explain to me what the differences are between the boards it will greatly help me. I want a board with RGB control.
  13. Hello, well after yesterday I decided this is it, I'm not waiting any longer and upgrading my system to a more up to date platform (especially I have no reason to wait because AMD did not announce a Reisen 3 but only a Reisen 5 which is not in my budget anyway). I wanted to ask 3 questions please: 1, will there be any price reduction following the next generation going out, and if so is it worth waiting a bit longer with the purchase? 2. Is the Ryzen 7 2700 more Future Proof than the Ryzen 5 3600 (due to the fact that it is 8C / 16T and not 6C / 12T like the 3600)? I do not intend to upgrade a processor again in the next 5 years ... 3. What is the difference between 10400F and 3600? Uses are gaming only, thank you very much
  14. Hello, I'm trying to install Windows 10 but for some reason the installation does not recognize the hard drive I connected. A power cable is connected to the drive and a SATA cable is connected from the board to the drive. It is important to note that the BIOS does have a drive ID. The message that appears to me is this: “We could not find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load driver. ” And my specs are as follows: Intel Core i7-950 Asus P6T SE Kingston HyperX 6GB (3X2GB) DDR3 Freezer 13 Pro 1000GB HDD Samsung SpinPoint attached photo. I would be happy to help, thanks
  15. And if this drive has an operating system installed, does it matter? The computer will not try to boot the operating system through the drive with the unknown password?
  16. Hello, I forgot my Windows login password. Is there a way to bypass the password and access the files that are on the hard disk? There are files that are important to me that are stored on disk. I would be happy to help, thanks
  17. The drives are just fine. I found out what the problem is, for some reason the 280X does not output a signal to the screen. When I connected GTX 970 yes there is a POST. But it's weird - when I connected the 280X to another computer, it worked great there. So what prevents it from displaying on the current computer?
  18. Hello, I have an ASUS P9X79 board with a 7K i4930 processor, two ADATA XPG memory sticks, a 280X Vapor-X graphics card and a 12watt Seasonic S620II power supply. When I turn on the computer a sequence of red LEDs lights up (probably some warning lights) and it ends up with the Boot Device LED staying on permanently and there is no POST. The screen immediately enters Power Save Mode. What I tried is this: connect the drives to different SATA ports Replace SATA cable Disconnect SATA cables Replace RAM I removed the battery of the board to reset operating settings with and without GPU and still no POST. Is there anything else you can try? If not, what can be done? How do I know the source of the problem so I know what to replace? I have a feeling the problem is either in the processor or in the motherboard. If the problem is with the board, is it worth ordering a board from eBay or Eli Express? If the problem is with the CPU, I guess it is no longer worthwhile to order another one. Maybe you should sell this set (knowing that something is not working well) and order a trinity (processor, board, memory) from Ryzen? Or in short - what would you do in my place? Attach a video I took:
  19. I personally currently use the iPhone, I switched from Android and found a more convenient device to operate. Not that my Galaxy was bad, but definitely a different experience.
  20. Hello, I intend to build as cheap a gaming computer as possible for the purpose of running only lightweight games like Fortnite and GTA. So I thought of buying old processors that could fit this task, the problem is that they are no longer sold in the country, so the options are mostly eBay and Ali Express. In Bali Express it seems that the prices are more realistic and the variety is also greater. For example, I was thinking of such parts: i5 3570 processor Asus H81 motherboard /33000044899.html?spm=a2g0n.productlist.0.0.2bb07b26rvyAqA 8GB HyperX Memory Total I get 400 'H. Some questions: 1. Is it possible to reduce costs to NIS 300 +? Choose other parts? 2. I saw a similar price for MSI's H77 board - would it be better? Speaking net in terms of reliability, the rest of the functions are not so interesting. 3. Are the parts original? I mean if it says ASUS then it's really an ASUS board and not something Chinese with a caption that looks like it came out of an ASUS factory. 4. Is there anything to do in case a part comes off a malfunction? Thank you!
  21. Hi, I wanted to ask, why when I press buttons on the keyboard sometimes there is a long delay until it picks up that I pressed a certain letter? This is a wireless keyboard. I noticed that when I connect the USB to the back of the board and not to the FRONT of the case, then this delay disappears and everything is fine ... Do you have any idea why this is?
  22. Hello, is there a place in the country where you can get I / O Shield Back Plate for motherboard P67?
  23. Hi, I am going to replace a motherboard, processor and probably also memories, and I wanted to ask if there is a need to reinstall the operating system for the purpose of running the components and working properly? In addition - should the operating system be installed before the transition or only after all the new parts have been connected? Thanks.
  24. Friends, I'm buying a used board I found in Hand2. Since the seller lives far away from me (about two and a half hours drive), the preference is that it will be in delivery. I wanted to ask you is it possible to rely on the delivery of Israel Post in everything related to electronic products?
  25. For free. The problem I'm not sure if it's still working. On one occasion he was accidentally replaced with cooling one of the capacitors on the board was knocked out, then he worked for some two days and stopped. I do not know if what is knocked is the processor or the board, but it seems that probably the board. As for the board - I found the ASUS P9X79 in hand, I'll probably go for it. By the way, how fast is this processor compared to more modern processors? And how is it compared to 2600K?
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