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  1. I have already moved 2 apartments and the problem continues. It has nothing to do with electricity. I would love to hear more suggestions.
  2. Hello friends, I have had a problem for a long time and I would be happy if you could help me solve it. For a long time while playing games the game has crashed back into Windows. I updated drivers, ran memtest, and even hourly benchmarks, all without issue, but when you get into the game it crashes back into Windows after about a quarter of an hour, less often. I could not find a solution and quite gave up on the issue. Last week the computer did not work for me, I borrowed a power supply and the computer turned on and off non-stop. I took out the video card and it still did not come up. I went back to my supplier and the computer went up (without the video card). I borrowed a video card from an author and I also had crashes with him. I gave my friend a card and he has no problems. So the problem is not with the card. The hypothesis is a supplier or motherboard. Is there a way to diagnose the fault at a discount and I have no alternative doubt? If you need to change supplier, I would be happy to receive a recommendation for a suitable supplier. Thanks. The computer is 5 years old.
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