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  1. thanks for the answers. The 250GB I got from a connector, so in any case, there will be an upgrade in terms of volume. Right now it's enough for him, what's more there is another 1TB drive, which has the installations and all the important material. I was worried about the drive's dry numbers: Sequential Write Speed ​​240MB / S which seems to me low compared to its current drive - less than half ... if there is no difference, then I will replace it of course.
  2. Hello everyone. My son's computer has a SATA SATA drive, from ADATA, quite high quality and fast, model SU800, with a volume of 128 GB, with a read / write speed of 500+ MB per second. My problem with it is its relatively small volume. I have the option to replace it with a Samsung SATA SS840 drive from the 250 basic series, with a capacity of 500 GB, which has a read speed of 240+ MB per second, but its write speed is around XNUMX MB per second. Is it worth replacing it? Will get more volume, but at the cost of lower writing speed.Is this significant, or will not make a difference? The computer is used for both studies and games, in the next two months it is mainly for games.
  3. Take a good look: the card sits on a standard PCI EXPRESS socket (light blue), it cannot fit in a PCI EXPRESS X1 socket (white)
  4. Have you tried to connect other cards? I have had some mother extensions in the past that refused to work with perfectly normal video cards.
  5. You could say that so far I have not really noticed any change, except of course the GTX 1080 is very quiet and does not emit much heat, of course in relation to the R9 290 that could be put on the case a cup of coffee and the coffee would stay hot throughout the work ... 94 degrees, Working temperature for this card. I will check with heavier games of course, I checked with other games, do not know how demanding, but in no case was there a drop from 60FPS, and the settings were always on ULTRA and excellent image quality.
  6. The regular games installed on the computer, the latest NEED FOR SPEED, NBA 2K20, and a few others that did not adopt the previous card too much, so in relation to the new card, they do not tickle it at all. Anyway, I had a chance and upgraded the processor to I7 4790 and I5 4570 passed to the other son, in addition to the motherboard changed to chipset B85, because the previous board refused to accept the processor, even though its bios version is the latest.
  7. Last night I checked the performance, the card is amazing of course, but I really did not see any difference in performance compared to the R9 290. Although the card is quieter and very significant, but in the current configuration, with a 60Hz screen and 1080P resolution, no noticeable difference, which is also most The gaming settings were maximal or close to that, now I have maximized everything, still not seeing a difference.
  8. Eventually the computer will connect to a screen that works on 60Hz, and 1080P, so I believe there will be no drop from 60 frames per second anyway.
  9. Hello everyone. The question in the title. On the kid's computer I installed a GTX 1080 video card that replaced a R9 290 card. Will the processor limit the performance of the new video card? Specifications: Asus chipset H87-based, with 16 GB DDR3 1333 memory, main hard drive - 1TB mechanical 7200 SLD and of course I5 4570 processor.
  10. The SSD already costs more than the value of your computer. Too bad the investment, completely unnecessary for such a computer.
  11. Have you tried running your computer without a video card? If it turns on and works, then the problem is really with a video card. If it still does not turn on and there is no POST, then the problem is due to another component.
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