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  1. Does not matter MHZ or CL? There are so many models in stores I freak out at understanding the differences
  2. To be precise, the intention is that Chrome crashes or that the computer crashes and does not move. (What yes?) The computer often comes to NOT RESPONDING on Chrome \ OUTLOOK \ RSTUDIO Thank you very much for your time
  3. thanks for the reply. The use of the computer is mostly lots and lots of chrome and RSTUDIO that works on the RAM of the computer (all data processing) I see in TASK MANAGER that both drink the memory in MEMORY and some of the time also in the CPU I thought it was a good solution I am wrong? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone thanks for the advance assistance I feel I need more memory for the computer, it is starting to crash for me all the time. This is my motherboard and what it supports and the existing memory I want to upgrade to 32 which means I need to buy 2 of 16 I would love for recommendations Thank you very much
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