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  1. No revolutions - what is the difference between her and Kahane? Because Kahane was violent - that too is a kind of violence

    So because of the fear of revolutions every act is legitimate? Where is the border

    Except for movements and ways of thinking outside the law stands In absolute contrast To the idea of ​​democracy and therefore will not be made by default under any circumstances.

    The publication of illegal movements will be done only as part of the "defense of democracy" (similar to the revolution that gave rise to the Third Reich, was elected democratically and immediately abolished it).

    Here the border passes.

  2. It's not black and white.

    If she exposed "super-classified" documents (a quote from the head of the Shin Bet security service) and endangered even a hair from the head of a soldier, she should be rotting in jail until her last day.


    In my days as a fighter in the IDF I learned that this body must be restrained. I learned the term "power corrupting" during my regular service, at the age of 18, it is a bit hard to see, but from the heights of my age I am quite ashamed of some of the things I took part in.

    In a democratic country, restraint of the army is usually part of the press, it's all a question of which documents is the leak, and that we do not know yet.

    And only a child's world view will lead to the conclusion that these are "right-wing leftists," you know, you can be a leftist even without being a traitor to the homeland ...

  3. Human stupidity never stops surprising,

    There was a period when I worked at the 103 center, one of them called and asked (with the utmost seriousness) that she had sent her the tape of the last episode of Hippies and Braves because she missed him because of a power failure.

    Or the one who called and asked the electric company to pay for the painting of his car because his parking was under the electric wire on which (birds!) Standing on their cars.

  4. Audio on Divided into 6 (The so-called 5.1) as follows:

    2 Front.

    2 Rear.

    Medium speaker (center).


    What you actually did was connect the audio to the 2's front speakers, which gave you audio, but not all of it.

    DOWNSCALE is actually taking the audio (distributed as mentioned to 6 speakers) and redistributing it but only to 2 (Right and left).

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