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  1. Ok first of all thank you for this advice.

    So there is no temporary job and don't believe them they tell me there "Okay. You will be there for some month at the same time until you find a free spot on X"


    But what if I had to be on hold at my base as an employee for example? One before he retired did it during a month and then they really found a job.

    What does "my base" mean? You're going back to Mazi for a relaunch no?

  2. Get ready mentally for a lot of nerves and headaches: - \

    My experience: After I left the artillery battalion on TA, I arrived at Mazi and sent me to be a pseudonym at some base hole; In retrospect, when I was given this inlay, I had to throw the form inside and go to jail - it was much better than spending "3" years in the lockers.

    Edit: Under no circumstances should you settle on a base that you don't want to be in with the thought of "I'll arrive, I'll cross and then submit an 55 form" - it doesn't work!

  3. My cell phone (NOKIA 6120c) connects easily in XP mode , For some reason Vista flatly refuses to install it - she's looking for a driver for an hour and then sends me to download an update, which I downloaded and installed and it really did not solve the problem.

    The only way to see it is in media player mode.

    In any case it is not the subject of discussion but these ridiculous advertisements.

  4. The classic end had to be in the fourth season,

    Which showed the future of humanity.

    It was amazing.

    This is the episode that shows a person in the form of Warlon and he reviews events that happened in previous seasons right? This is one of the most memorable episodes from B5 in particular and series at all.

    SLIDERS was excellent until she moved to a channel (especially the chapters with a paraphrase about the Wizard of Oz and Elvis)

    And then they started with the mad bangs and the change of players.

    The beginning of the "Cromagis" era marked the beginning of the deterioration of the series.

  5. You are not subscribed to gold and you can not play legally in MULTI

    So much of the value of the games goes down

    Are you sure what you're saying? Because I have a GOW to PC and I do not know about anything like that, you can play MULTI well in SILVER except that you just do not accrue ACEHIVMENTS.

    I can not stand you.

    You know, when I respond to you normally, I'm somehow somehow, somehow trying to respond to you with content.

    Now I'm just sick of you.

    You're a piece of dagnaire, a leech that the world has not yet known, you're wasting your miserable miserable life getting on Other,

    And you do it so oppressively.

    With great respect and hope that you will drown, Noam.

    Happy holiday.

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