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  1. So I understand that there is no cure for " :o

    : - \

    Try searching the EPIC forums There are some solutions that might be of help to you, I can't believe it : pissed: I sit here and write again about a game like Stalker - invest in graphics, invest in sound and invest in gameplay but when it comes to the technical side it is as if the QA team was on vacation, especially annoying in this game it looks and feels great.

  2. I read the discussion in which they found this solution:

    And someone else wrote there that it looked more like a code problem:

    Some parts were helpful. Except the part about texture settings and video RAM. That's a load (in certain setups). I have an EVGA 8800GTS 320DDR2 RAM Overclocked GPU and I can run BioShock and UT3 on the highest of settings while recieving a constant 60FPS. Even Gears with everything on the highest settings and res at 1440x900 I get 60FPS constant, except for when the game loads assets on the fly then it drops to 20FPS for an instant.

    And to throw another wrench into your GPU theory, the game has the same performance hiccups at the same asset load points even with everything on low, set to DX9 and res at 800x600. So what would be the cause of that? I sure as hell have got no clue, other then it's something with the load code itself.

    * any anger in this post really is not directed at you T3TSUO, it's just aggrevation with the game, seriously *

    Intel Dual-Core 6600

    3Gigs DDR2 Kingston RAM

    EVGA GeForce 320DDR2 Overclocked

    300Gb 7200 SATA HDD

    And the truth is I've seen more suggested solutions that I'm going to try at home:

  3. The game is really excellent, but there are some technical problems at the moment, all the more so they do not seem to really enjoy this game:

    1. CTD's - I know about the ALT + TAB solution but it's not a real solution to the problem.

    2. The problem of stuttering - if you need a Mega 512 on the screen why not write it meet ???

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