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  1. The BIN32 library has a BENCHMARKS file that allows you to test an average FPS for a screen and a processor. For me, the results from the 29-26 FPS in 1024X768 should start thinking about a new video card:


    TimeDemo Play Started, (Total Frames: 2000, Recorded Time: 111.86s)

    ! TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.

    Play Time: 72.06s, Average FPS: 27.75

    Min FPS: 15.95 at frame 1957, Max FPS: 41.82 at frame 1003

    Average Tri / Sec: 19992818, Tri / Frame: 720337

    Recorded / Played Tris ratio: 1.27

    ! TimeDemo Run 1 Finished.

    Play Time: 69.83s, Average FPS: 28.64

    Min FPS: 15.72 at frame 1942, Max FPS: 43.73 at frame 82

    Average Tri / Sec: 20846828, Tri / Frame: 727913

    Recorded / Played Tris ratio: 1.26

    ! TimeDemo Run 2 Finished.

    Play Time: 69.63s, Average FPS: 28.72

    Min FPS: 15.57 at frame 1951, Max FPS: 43.79 at frame 90

    Average Tri / Sec: 20908246, Tri / Frame: 727933

    Recorded / Played Tris ratio: 1.26


    TimeDemo Play Started, (Total Frames: 1500, Recorded Time: 44.62s)

    ! TimeDemo Run 0 Finished.

    Play Time: 56.78s, Average FPS: 26.42

    Min FPS: 9.76 at frame 200, Max FPS: 32.93 at frame 64

    Average Tri / Sec: 17777270, Tri / Frame: 672906

    Recorded / Played Tris ratio: 1.07

    ! TimeDemo Run 1 Finished.

    Play Time: 55.14s, Average FPS: 27.21

    Min FPS: 9.76 at frame 200, Max FPS: 32.93 at frame 64

    Average Tri / Sec: 18552688, Tri / Frame: 681943

    Recorded / Played Tris ratio: 1.05

  2. I am experiencing the same annoying phenomenon that was in FARCRY, when you go forward objects appear out of nowhere - anyone else bump into it?

    Pay attention to the stone in the sights.

    Edit: The graphics of the landscape are just like FC: -X

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  3. Good game, the idea of ​​the forces is great - adds a lot of variety to the genre I thought I had already seen in it all.

    I understand why they said he was repeating himself - I have already gone through some four stages and I still see the same enemies, hopefully there will be new ones later.

    It annoys me that there is no graph that says how much life you have left - I'm used to it from other games and it feels weird without it.

    My feeling that the enemies are too hard - Rabak A group of 6 people shoot at one zombie and he does not die? mozar.

    In any case such a combination of story within a game I have not seen for a long time (FEAR), do not understand how he got only 80 ???

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