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  1. The business with the firmware / hardware virus is true for every hardware component, not just USB, I got to work on Chinese and Indian drivers and in principle quite transparent that they intentionally push security vulnerabilities that allow them to hack into your device through updates or through infected hardware. They are usually programmers so bad that they could not hide it even if they wanted to. Anyway, in Linux from the last few years at least the driver needs to be written in a very non-standard way in order to do so, Troubles has standardized the structure of the drivers and special limitations to their ability to touch certain places in memory that does not allow Eastern programmers to put this shit into modern Linux. If they write a driver that does not support these protections for the latest Linux then they will not work. Windows on the other hand is an operating system that is written shit in terms of information security so in it it is very possible. In principle, the USB that burns the computer is not a virus, just something that mentions briefly and why it will interest anyone, most offices have a USB splitter that connects to the computer ...
  2. I think someone brought here a video of some engineers from the industry talking about research and development in the field and according to what they said shrinking processors for such small lithographs is perhaps one of the most complicated research and development tasks in all of human history. According to the claims made there by the R&D budgets that giant corporations invest in a drop in nanometers can compete with what they invest in developing an atomic and hydrogen bomb.
  3. The driver also needs to support PCIE4, if it does not, no matter what the hardware, the connection will not reach these speeds. Apparently the driver writers have not implemented the bug fixes needed to support this interface yet and that's why it's still at the previous speed.
  4. Software without blinking, the salary potential is about three times ... A practical engineer will earn a roof 12-13, a bad programmer with a little experience earns today over 20 and it only goes up.
  5. PCIE5 is quite exciting to me, this protocol makes sure I have a job in the coming years ...
  6. Cool, I did not know there is in the incoming generation protection from Specter, I will now have to check. As for the PCI-Express with both Intel and AMD it is not very trivial to support these speeds at the software level, need programmers who specialize in multi-cores and a lot of RAM and I would not expect a home processor to be able to do so in the meantime and for server processors, I think we are a few months away Spitzers will start supporting the whole thing and work properly.
  7. Min 4:27 He just explains what you asked. Quite surprised me, they explain here not bad and it seems that the first guy, Anthony, really understands electronics. For the most part their explanations are really superficial and tailored to the general public.
  8. There should be no adjustment, it's just a matter of speed. When you have two channels it means two different connections from the CPU to the ports of the memory, so you can write simultaneously to the sticks that are in each channel. If you put all your sticks on one side the memory access speed will be slower because the processor will only be able to write to one at a time. Modern processors are built in such a way that they have components that can usually predict that there is going to be a future memory memory while they do other things and then the processor can turn to memory in the background before it really has to wait for the information to arrive. This reason is usually not the bottleneck. It does affect performance a bit, in gaming for example putting two eight GB sticks, one in each connection belonging to another channel, should give you a few percent on a 16 stick.
  9. Buck

    C language help - loops

    The operator a 10% gives the unity of a, divide the a by 10 and then the same operator will give you the tens digit, divide again by 10 the operator will give the hundreds ...
  10. I have not seen the latest video yet, but I wonder if there is already full protection from specter and meltdown, AMD has always had an advantage in this area of ​​information security because of how the speculative mechanism in their processors works. In principle quite embarrassing that there is not yet a service of operating systems that produces protected memory. If so, then it really gives them a serious advantage and is going to hurt Intel. I am currently writing code in the kernel of servers of all kinds of well-known companies, so far I have worked with systems of about 80-15 in favor of Intel versus AMD (ARM very little). Maybe now I can play a little more with the channels. By the way, I do not think many people have noticed, but Intel has one very advantage! Seriously about AMD and this is the optane, in order to bypass AMD Intel has deliberately stopped selling its fast drives now to those who do not own its fuck servers so it is not possible to have a bus processor with optane in dimm or storage. I can say from the point of view of someone who knows the subject from the inside that many companies care much more about how quickly they manage to bring things up from storage than from processing ability. Game companies for example prefer players on their servers to have a smoother gaming experience and faster disk load than the ability to hold more players on the same server.
  11. How they had deteriorated, not that the writing had not been on the wall for a decade. I hope they got out of this blessing quickly, I think their deterioration could lead the technology market to an economic crisis of one to two years. Many high-tech companies do not have enough chips to produce new products and sell and will have losses because they will not be able to recoup the investments they have raised from the stock market and it will take Samsung and TSMC a year or two until they keep pace. Need another large chip maker in the market ...
  12. Right now AMD is much much better maybe in the next generation of Intel this will change. From what I read only at the end of the year the shortage that there is currently in the chips will calm down, I would not wait and buy now in your place, not sure there will be processors even if they come out and Intel probably will not be better because they are lagging behind in their technology at the moment.
  13. ARM's architecture is responsible for designing more chips than any other company in the world, it is likely that there are currently more ARM-based chips from AMD and Intel combined and no need to adapt the software and applications to their architecture. Programmers who write operating systems (like me) already worry that software running on the user's side did not know they were running on different hardware. One of the things I need to do when updating a processor or hardware component is to adapt the operating system to the hardware so that its services will look the same to the users. The thing is that ARM processors heat up much less and consume less power, so it is possible to build a computer with thirty cores, for example, and speed them up mentally on a typical provider. In addition, because Apple has more control over CPU design they can adapt it to their needs more freely. For example, build a processor with more DMA channels that are suitable for transmitting information from the camera in addition to more units that can process an image, for example at the expense of units that do mathematical calculations. Also note that they can work with lithography at five nanometers, so there is actually more functionality in less space so it is generally better for them.
  14. Hi, I and I am sure that about 90 percent of those who read here will be happy to buy tickets from him if he wants. Selling tickets during this period is really simple.
  15. What about cyberpunk? I'm waiting to buy a new video card to play with.
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