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  • Birthday 05/12/1994

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    i5 4590 Gtx 970 G1 | 20TB HDD 250GB SSD | 32GB Ram

    The hard array:
    Samsung SSD Evo 850 250GB System
    Seagate Archive 8TB for storage
    5TB Toshiba 7200 Downloads (2015)
    4TB WD My Book Download (2013)
    1TB WD Black for gaming
    Seagate external 1.5TB backup
    1TB Samsung External Backup
  • Gadgets
    Dell U2414H
    Asus D552VL
    LG G2

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  1. Asking for a recommendation for regular in-ear silicone headphones with wire and non-wireless with a budget of up to NIS 500, of course, prefers in the 100 or less area a quality bass and clean sound, intended for sports music only
  2. iSolt

    Hard Disk 20TB

    Currently the largest drive is 18TB available on Amazon
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