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    Current computer:
    - i7-5820k processor, Noctua D15 cooling
    - Motherboard asus x-99 / a
    - Memory 16GB ddr4.
    - gtx-970 video card
    - drive samsung 850 pro 256Gb SSD and HDD 2GB
    - Fractal design package r5
    - Power supplyasonic 650w x-seriers gold.
    - Dell 2414 screen in resolution 1920x1080

    An old computer with the following specification:
    - E8400 processor with Arctic-Cooling Alpine 7 Pro
    - motherboard gigabyte EP43-DS3L
    - Memory of 6GB
    - GeForce 550TI video card
    - Hard Drive SSD 250MB Samsung 840 (and additional HDD data / movies ...)
    Thermaltake Bach VX
    - Thermaltake TR2 RX 500W Power Supply
    - TV screen in FHD resolution

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  1. My computer specifications contain: I7-5820k processor, Asus x99-A motherboard, GTX1070 graphics card, 2x8GB memory 2400MHz and 650w power. The motherboard broke down and inflated his soul. A long search on the net has yielded very few replacement motherboards, yet a 5-6 year old motherboard. The motherboards I found were at expensive prices around 1700 NIS. I am undecided whether to buy an alternative motherboard and replace the processor and motherboard with an up-to-date generation. In Israel? 1. Is it better to replace the processor and motherboard with new ones, and what is recommended to buy for 2011-3 NIS (for gaming - such as Cyberpunk 99, 1000 resolution)? Thanks for answering.
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