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  2. Hi everyone I want to share with you my negative experience from KSP when exercising responsibility. Last February, a family friend named Iris went down to Eilat and asked her to buy me a wireless gaming headset called steelseries arctis pro. I gave her 1269 ₪ cash which is the full amount of headphones. Last month, a headphone malfunction was identified. The fault was with the BT connectivity and the feature of Get Mobile Phone Alerts no longer worked. The headphones have a monthly 24 warranty from KSP and following the malfunction I went to the nearest branch to my place of work to exercise the warranty. The headphones were delivered to the lab with every kit including the packaging and all booklets and cables. After a few days, I called from the lab and claimed that the headphones were malfunctioning and because they did not have the same headset on the network anymore, I may receive a credit for Iris who bought the headphones for me. They also claimed that only she could realize the credit and only physically reach the branches and not buy through the site. I didn't like that answer and it didn't make sense to me that I should now drive Iris crazy because she did me a favor and so I didn't accept the offer. That day, a rep came back to me and offered me other headphones that are more expensive than the arctis pro at 200 ₪ and told me that if the model is incompatible in terms of the features, it will give me another solution where we will not join the iris. Rim compared to the arctis pro including the BT feature set, which is why I returned the headphones as part of the warranty. After a day, the representative called me again and told me that there was an authorization to spend for Iris Check on an amount of 1140 ₪ which is a lower amount on 129 ₪ than the amount paid on the headphones and probably I also refused this offer. I asked a service representative to give me a full cash refund as paid or a minimum credit for my name for online purchase. The representative said it was not possible and his latest offer was final and if it was not to my satisfaction I would call ksp's email service. This story has been going on for a week where I have no headphones, no money to buy news, no credit and lots of headaches. It should be noted that a similar case occurred to me in IVORY only where I received the cash money instead without any arguments after using 10 months on a one year warranty device. So as of today the story is not over and I'll update later. And what did we learn from this story? If you are asking someone to buy something for you at KSP, you will know that you need the same person to exercise warranty which means that if you bought someone a second hand product that has a warranty at KSP then there is such a chance that you have no warranty without the seller. Another thing is that if the warranty is KSP then they lower you from the value at which the device is purchased as if there is a price list that goes down within the warranty and can provide you with a inferior device. This is not the first time I have complained about this network service but I hope it is the last time that I do not intend to buy anything more there that they provide service or warranty.
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