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  1. I called one of the cellular companies, the representatives did not know how to answer my question. I am one million percent sure that the DATA Internet package is more stable and intended for downloads. Right to castrate the speed, in normal surfing I do a speed test I have 15-40 megabytes I download games the speed drops after a few minutes to 5 megabytes at best and sometimes mega, another question if I buy a router modem it matters if it supports two frequencies 1800/2100 Or 1800/2100/2300/2500/2600/800/900? Because I recently bought an ALINK modem and it supported two frequencies 1800/2100 and I had disconnections it was difficult
  2. I noticed that the DATA surfing package is more expensive than the regular surfing / calling / SMS package, that I make downloads with the regular package, for example Giga / two. Will happen and is just a web where the internet is meant for more downloads? And the internet is not as neutered as usual? Or is it the same thing? A package of 20 GB DATA only (Internet) on a cell phone costs NIS 2 and a package of 1000 GB / calls / SMS costs NIS 100
  3. I got a message that the disk is in use and if I want to format anyway, how is it in use is just a secondary drive it has files on it has an old operating system maybe because of that?
  4. I'm trying to format a hard disk through disk management listed "yesterday" and nothing happens and it stays that way and doesn't move, it's annoying why is it like this?
  5. I have the option to buy DLINK DIR-2150 for 260 NIS or TP LINK VR400 for 290 NIS for KSP. TP LINK has a Bezeq modem connection and DLINK does not have one, DLINK has 2 USB ports, one USB2 and the other USB3, the WIFI speed is higher By and large think there is not much difference
  6. I want to buy a cellular router (which also supports flash lines) I wanted to know if there is a difference between a 4G router with a USB port to which a cellular dongle or SIM is connected that connects directly to the router, which is better? Is there another option to buy a cellular router that is designed for a cellular net? It looks like a cellular device and is also cheap, starting at NIS 219 BOON 4G? Must have undecided help! post Scriptum. I was looking for a router that supports 5G but it is terribly expensive can reach 2000 shekels there is nothing cheap at the moment so I will settle for 4G.
  7. I checked with the CDI software on the two disks I have on computer 1 - with the operating system 2 - with all the backups listed in both CAUTION in yellow !!! Does that mean the discs are on their way to die? ================================ Such a thing appears to me with a beep:
  8. Crystal Disk Info software more reliable than MHDD 4.6? To look at drive status? GOOD etc? The software you gave me checks if the disk before irreversible condition?
  9. I did a scan with MHDD 4.6 and as the test started everything stopped and he found one error! And by the end of the test everything was fine the question is whether this is something critical or is it still possible to work like this? TOSHIBA SATA 500GB Hard Drive
  10. iveco

    GTX 750 TI 4GB Reviews

    I see on YouTube full of gamers' crap and they play with 1030GT and the games work fine without lag, so if for NIS 300 I can buy a GTX 750 TI with an unequal warranty? Do not want to invest over NIS 400 !!! I have no problem playing in the LOW MED settings The problem is that with the HD5770 and GTS450 even in the lowest settings the "new" MAFIA 2020 game does not move
  11. iveco

    GTX 750 TI 4GB Reviews

    And the GTX 750 TI? He is significantly stronger than him
  12. iveco

    GTX 750 TI 4GB Reviews

    This card can not run new games? Also in LOW MED settings
  13. I am looking for a cheap video card that is also suitable for games I found this card GTX-750-TI 4GB on paper is stronger than 1030GT, worth buying? I currently have very weak graphics cards HD5770 / GTS450 I will feel a difference in performance? My CPU is also weak I3 3220 so even a strong video card will not fit because of the bottleneck
  14. I thought that only the VPN company 019 Mobile castrates it turns out that there is no connection between the DL and UP and the actual reality because even in practice the downloads are castrated to be ashamed of them look at it: I throw away their fucking card and buy a 012 / Partner SIM. *** I have 100 GB and can not use it *** Take a look at it: Feeling cheated Download test without a clean VPN: Only from 2 at night to 6 in the morning good surfing (on paper) the rest of the day is awful, no matter how much surfing will be " Good "on paper you download a file or surf in a VPN you get awful speed !!! This is the actual speed and it ranges from 100KB to
  15. Without a VPN you get a DL that ranges between 10-25 megabits and with a VPN in some providers you get a constant 1.3-2 megabits! , That I change the sim to 012 surfing in a normal VPN that I talked to a representative in 019 he said that the problem with the VPN provider you decide with whom to believe and something else ... Mega Beat per second! Is everything coincidental?
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