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  1. Consultation question with forum members: I currently have 8GB 4X2 frequency 2400 I have several upgrade options 8X2 = 16GB or one 16GB stick and take the prices down then I will add another 16 or take 16X2 = 32GB and its price is 530 shekels. My old i3 7100 computer is worth investing in at all? With the 8GB the memory runs out quickly I put my brother 16GB in the past and also where the operating system ate the memory I made an account that 32GB would be good for me since I open a lot of tabs in the background and every food tab full of memory sometimes I put a TAB of YouTube I like to eat memory, the question is whether NIS 530 for an old computer is a bad investment and it is better, for example, to buy an I3 10100 processor + heat sink + H510 motherboard for NIS 650? But the memory will be 8 GB.
  2. I found a memory of a cheap Samsung DDR 4 16G / 2666 Samsung 3rd Party can get for 220 shekels worth? , Does anyone know this memory?
  3. Listed on the side NB FREQUENCY Frequency 3600 does this mean that the northern bridge knows how to work with memories up to 3600 MHz and lower them to 2400?
  4. Corsair LPX has a frequency of 3000, 8 GB for NIS 130. I thought of putting 2 sticks = 16 GB, an investment of NIS 260. The problem is, has the frequency dropped or not?
  5. In the store I buy from in Israel in 90 percent of the cases if the part breaks down I get a new part instead of on Amazon it is a movie to send the part abroad and then wait for a discount of 30-70 shekels? Dry to Allah all expensive graphics cards / processor prices like in the country no WOW I did not find anything special even games in STEAM was dry give discounts on tin games and good games like FIFA 22 The prices are still high despite the "discount" even the game TROPICO_6 expensive 80 shekels almost for what and why ?
  6. Has the same memory at frequency 2400 in KSP The problem is that I do not like this network
  7. I'm afraid the 2666 will not work. You give me 3200? I know that frequency can go down but there are cases where there is simply no bot due to incompatibility of processor / board and both support up to 2400, lowering of frequency is not an exact science sometimes it is very lucky, it is a kind of bet to stop 200 shekels that the whole computer is worth maybe 500-600
  8. I looked at Amazon has DDR4 2400 memory one SINGLE RANK and one DUAL RANK what is the difference? , The SINGLE RANK is more expensive What is better?
  9. I previously took a 775 processor and a motherboard that supports 1333 and put 1666 memory and it did not lower the frequency even though both the DDR3 memories and the computer did not BOOT of it I am afraid, it is hard to find DDR4 2400 only on Amazon etc. I prefer to buy in the country. Regarding 8GB memories the low volume does not want to get stuck with small volumes prefer 16 one stick and lower the 4.
  10. I have a chipset H110 with I3 7100 processor both support 2133/2400 I want to upgrade the memory and in the store I buy from them GSKILL 16GB memory at 2666 I am afraid the frequency did not drop to 2400 due to incompatibility of the processor and the board is worth taking a risk? It costs NIS 190. And another question: I currently have 8 GB of 4 + 4 memory. If I download one stick of 4 and add 16 GB = 20 GB, will I feel a difference in performance? Or is it small? The same performance only option to open more software in the background?
  11. That I buy an unregistered SIM on 4th generation or 5th generation How do I know what the SIM support is? Or are all sims the same?
  12. There is also a laser light where the fiber connects not only to the cable itself, the problem is that if I want to make a change in the infrastructure and turn Partner's router into a bridge I will have to deal with the cable, currently the 5G option is irrelevant and a pity the router costs thousands. 5 costs NIS 700 but it is only locked for their service, a representative of Partner spoke to me today and she told me that they are P2P unlike Bezeq which for them up to the cabinet is optical and from the cabinet it is a copper cable is it significant? Copper cable lowers performance? Is it better to go for orange? There is also an option for Cellcom, what do you recommend? Thanks
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