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  1. That I buy an unregistered SIM on 4th generation or 5th generation How do I know what the SIM support is? Or are all sims the same?
  2. There is also a laser light where the fiber connects not only to the cable itself, the problem is that if I want to make a change in the infrastructure and turn Partner's router into a bridge I will have to deal with the cable, currently the 5G option is irrelevant and a pity the router costs thousands. 5 costs NIS 700 but it is only locked for their service, a representative of Partner spoke to me today and she told me that they are P2P unlike Bezeq which for them up to the cabinet is optical and from the cabinet it is a copper cable is it significant? Copper cable lowers performance? Is it better to go for orange? There is also an option for Cellcom, what do you recommend? Thanks
  3. I'm debating between 5G and fiber optics 5G is equivalent to 600/60 optical fibers Something like this buy a smartphone for NIS 800-1000 of Shiomi and surf through HOTSPOT, it scares me the warning that the optical fiber does not look directly at the cable or input where the cable goes in and is listed laser radiation hazard It's not so healthy. How can you connect a cable without looking at where it is inserted? Even at the LAN entry of this fiber is dangerous I saw Bezeq International's tutorial on YouTube on how to install
  4. Traffic Speed ​​Intention to DL Speed ​​Download? Or also the rhythm of rhythms in a computer network? Can anyone please elaborate further? Say WIFI 2.4 The traffic speed is 300 megabits so per second it can reach up to 37.5 megabytes and that also means the speed of traffic in a home network Transferring files from computer to computer? ,
  5. I have a router with 10/100 ports and WIFI speed 2.4 Speed ​​300 5 Speed ​​433 The question is if this is the internet speed that can go through WIFI? Or is it the data transfer I can transfer from computer to computer on the network I am confused and if for example my ports on the router were 1000 MB then I could surf up to Gbit per second and in WIFI up to 433? Can someone make me order in this matter thanks
  6. iveco


    There is a serious problem with editing that trying to do editing is going backwards.
  7. iveco


    I will buy the best PCIE NVME adapter, someone here link actually costs pennies on EBAY costs 12 shekels.
  8. iveco


    I just received an offer in the mail to buy a Kingston A400 with a capacity of 480GB for NIS 199, a tempting price.
  9. How can it be technically that the regular hard drive gets better results in WRITE SEQ What is an SSD? Significant favors? And in READ SEQ the results are not that far off
  10. Crystal disc mark knocks the drive? I did not know
  11. Look what a bad result it is on ACHI SSD: Standard mechanical disk Seagate 1T How is the WRITE SEQ in the mechanical disk significantly better? The READ SEQ in the mechanical is also not far from the SSD
  12. How can it be that in the mechanical drive I get better results in WRITE? This SSD [Read] SEQ 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 316.922 MB / s [302.2 IOPS] <26313.37 us> SEQ 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 297.137 MB / s [283.4 IOPS] < 3527.09 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 1): 232.729 MB / s [56818.6 IOPS] <562.40 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 27.283 MB / s [6660.9 IOPS] <149.82 us > [Write] SEQ 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 37.960 MB / s [36.2 IOPS] <212587.62 us> SEQ 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 25.169 MB / s [24.0 IOPS] <40167.17 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 1): 40.281 MB / s [9834.2 IOPS] <3184.92 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 29.821 MB / s [7280.5 IOPS] <137.11 us> This is the mechanical look at WRITE SEQ [Read] SEQ 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 204.688 MB / s [195.2 IOPS] <40801.92 us> SEQ 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 204.915 MB / s [ 195.4 IOPS] <5113.15 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 1): 1.534 MB / s [374.5 IOPS] <83902.04 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 0.647 MB ​​/ s [158.0 IOPS ] <6312.43 us> [Write] SEQ 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 196.095 MB / s [187.0 IOPS] <42522.90 us> SEQ 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 203.631 MB / s [194.2 IOPS] <5143.78 us> RND 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 1): 1.373 MB / s [335.2 90687.25 IOPS] <4 us> RND 1KiB (Q = 1, T = 1.005): 245.4 MB / s [4039.00 IOPS] <XNUMX us>
  13. iveco


    Their performance in the new models is not something, it is not at the level of SAMSUNG, what since they upgraded the disgrace that was with the writing to the disk TBW 120GB = 15TBW hallucinatory.
  14. There is another dilemma GIGABYTE more performance but less reliable, and KINGSTON performance less good but more reliable, the problem of the Kinston A400 and Gigabyte that do not have DRAM straw from Murray, I think it is better to take the Kingston less performance but in the long run more reliable I do not trust the GIG 'GeBate so makes an impression of a Chinese SSD
  15. For WIN + software = 256GB enough above and beyond I have 120GB and I pretty much manage most of the time because most of the heavy files are on a 1TB mechanical drive of Seagate. But at the same price of Samsung 256 you can get 2 times the volume with less performance but still 10 times faster than a mechanical drive, I am also debating whether to wait for the Kingston KC600 drive which is really close to the performance of the EVO 870 in short I must SSD drive tomorrow, most technicians buy this A400 Cheap and the volume is good but the performance is like this
  16. This is exactly the question which is better for large volume or performance? 480 GB Kingston / GB or 256 GB Samsung, here's the catch
  17. Why most manufacturers emphasize the volume of the SSD its speed X10 X15 from a hard drive but they hide the key from Murray which I think is very important if not the most important, why in Kingston KC600 512GB the memory from Murray is 512 MB DDR3 and have to dig the internet to find the It's, and in Samsung's press the Murray 512MB DDR4 and it's easy to find it on the manufacturer's website.
  18. Also video editing I do, video editing does not knock the SSD? That's a lot of writing
  19. It's funny Samsung has straw from the 512MB DDR4 teachers and my Patriot has a 32MB DDR4 huge difference. In what uses is it dramatic?
  20. Gigabyte does not have Cache Memory What is this memory from this memory? Samsung has 512MB DDR4
  21. Unfortunately, in the store I buy SSD from, there is only KINGSTON SANDISK GIGABYTE SAMSUNG. Not in stock
  22. Or A400 KINGSTON 480GB
  23. It supports the same processor and memories I have now I3 7100 and DDR4, basically it is a computer mostly for internet and file sharing the problem I am debating whether to invest in a second class GD GIGABYTE or take an EVO 870. or
  24. In the SATA interface the difference between 256GB and 2TB is not big, NVME is something completely different the performance is much better
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