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  1. Hello, I have a motherboard in the MAXIMUS VIII HERO Z170 model, I will not be able to switch to Windows 11. In a hardware test, Microsoft says that the processor is not supported and I do not have a TPM 2.0 motherboard built into it. Nor can I replace a higher and newer processor that fits my motherboard and also Windows 11. I checked in a Google search for a newer higher model processor. And there is no newer processor that fits my motherboard. I was thinking of selling only a motherboard and a processor and a memory. but there is a problem. My Windows 10 Pro license is stored in the motherboard. I do not want to sell to someone else and install in his house on my license. How do I replace another Win 10 Pro license with memory on the motherboard? Can someone give me another Win 10 Pro license number and swap a license number in memory. That's how it is on the board if my original license is not kept. Then someone else will buy his original license and install it himself. Understand? Thanks in advance!
  2. I got you. No problem malfunction video card working and working properly just noticed these fans.and did not understand. After you gave me answers from everyone. I will continue as usual with a video card that is good and excellent and excellent. I really like this video card. My games work smoothly and are excellent. Thank you all. thank you. Wonderful day
  3. Hi I bought a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 video card. I installed a video card driver online. Everything is working and working properly. But there's something I saw that fans do not rotate. Is it like automatic that a video card gets hot and the fans do turn around makes it cold. And also that the video card will not be hot and the fans will not turn. Is it ok and right that way it works in automatic cooling fans? How do you make a video card driver settings to make it work constantly and rotating fans? Can anyone explain to me please? Thanks in advance!
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