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  1. Reddy


    It's clear to me, but I still can not figure out what's in their streamer and who in the box is not to watch without a delay
  2. Hello, does anyone know why in the Shiomi Streamer Who Private Box it is not possible to get His Plus Live (without delay)? I have a Lis Plus subscription and the app is installed on me, but to my surprise I discovered that a live streamer cannot receive the live, so I have a delay in long football broadcasts. The feature only exists on streamers that belong to Liss. Anyone know what the difference is? Thanks
  3. Hello, I got it from the sound fund, when I connect it to a neon TV with a red and white rca connection there is no sound ... but when I connect it to a hot converter there is a sound and it works. There is no optical connection on TV. What are the chances that because the converter is connected to a TV with HDMI, then it can not actually output an external sound with an analog connection like RCA? Many thanks in advance
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