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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to combine both a computer screen and a TV screen together ... Is this recommended? Is there a recommended screen?
  2. Hey, looking for a mini computer that will work on a 55-inch TV. Intended for displaying presentations and Excel reports mainly. Budget about 1500 NIS including Windows.
  3. Hi, the bulk of my work is office exel programming, graphic design. Deciding between Phillips 276E8VJSB and LG 29UM69G-B what would you take? Or is it even better to have 2 screens of 24? Budget about 1000 NIS
  4. I bought the crosair cx650 rose 350 chess from KSP with 5 years warranty
  5. The difference between the modular 550 and 650 is that I prefer 20 which is better than the 650 right? I took the 650 to be thankful for the help
  6. The short beeps are because I removed the RAM memory is normal. Only this way the computer manages to rise a bit as soon as I insert the RAM or the burner connector turns on for 2 seconds off and not even beeps
  7. Thanks, don't think I will upgrade a video card anytime soon and when I will probably need to replace all the computer in question on 1155 and the 4 generation processor putting another video card on this spec seems to me to be a waste of 550W? And if I already take the cruiser is not a modular difference of 2 better?
  8. Hi, I recently moved the computer and it turned off then I tried to turn it on it turned on for 2 seconds and turned off I5 4460 Gigabyte h77 Geforce 660GTX 4GB x 4 1000GB + 120GB SSD I did a vacuum cleaning I disassembled all the parts, left only the computer turned on and beeps briefly, as a beep One minute off and on again. .
  9. Hi, I was destroyed a high power power supply held for about 6 for years was 500W Bronze + which felt a bit on the border .. Need one new computer specification I5 4460 Gigabyte H77 Geforce 660GTX 4GB x 4 1000GB + 120SSD What power supply do I need ? Not looking to spend a lot of 300 roof
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