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  1. Good Morning. First of all, thanks for the reply! It seems to me that it is a bit excessive to buy all the components just because the processor is weak compared to the video card. If I can just replace the CPU to i7 and it will resolve, then maybe it's better. By the way, how did you come to the conclusion that this is the problem?
  2. What does Bendel mean? Do not know the concept.
  3. As for memory, I will download. Thanks! Do you think that replacing an i7 processor will help?
  4. 3 sticks of 4 GB each. 1600 MHz frequency speed by the way, regarding the processor. It's not that I see him working very hard. On the contrary, it seems that the game does not really move him.
  5. Peace. My computer does not run games as smoothly as it did until a few months ago. Even games that have been fixed and I have played them properly in the past no longer work smoothly. I first checked with the task manager if there was evidence of a particular problem. RAM seemed to be insufficient, so I added more memory to my computer. In addition, I formatted the entire operating system and reinstalled everything (including reinstalling the game). As of today there is no evidence in the task manager for a problem with a particular component in the computer and I have no other ways to understand why the games are not running smoothly. Attached is a screenshot of the task manager when the game is on the rise. Computer Specifications: CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz
  6. Peace. I have a computer that has a 2-part HDD hard drive with a win10 operating system. It is important to note that the operating system is the free upgrade that Microsoft has released. I have a win8 retail activation code. I want to buy an SSD to add to the regular drive so that the SSD will be used for the operating system and I have some questions about it: 1. How can I transfer the win10 operating license to the SSD without Microsoft revoking my license? 2. In one partition I have the installations of the operating system of all the other programs and in the other partition I have the files and installations of games. If I format only the first partition, will I still have access to all the files without any problem
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