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  1. What do you say about the Asus P515 ROG Strix Impact II GUNDAM Edition mouse?
  2. If I buy a gaming screen, how many inches should I buy?
  3. I recently bought the following screen: asus 21.5 fhd wide monitor gaming vp228he Is it a gaming screen as it is marketed?
  4. I need your recommendation for gaming headphones. Budget NIS 400
  5. Peace. I wanted to know what the difference is between a mechanical keyboard and a regular keyboard. What is in a mechanical keyboard that is not in a standard keyboard?
  6. Hello. I have an INTEL CORE I3 4130 processor ASUS H81M-E motherboard Can I upgrade to a better generation processor?
  7. I wanted to know if it is worth buying a screen on overseas sites such as eBay, Amazon, Ali Express? Is it worth it in terms of cost, and is the goods quality?
  8. The screen is Lenovo LI2215s 21.5 Inch LED Is it worth it? I saw it on one of the computer sites. The price is 331 NIS. As part of Black Friday, there is the LG 22MK400H-B 21.5 '' LED screen that costs 430 NIS.
  9. Regarding the game NBA2K21 it works well but there is no sound if possible solution ..
  10. Sorry for the ignorance Is an SSD drive assembled inside the case, or is it external and connected by a cable?
  11. When I play the NBA2K21 no sound game, I use headphones
  12. Hello, I'm sorry to upgrade to the following memories: My motherboard is an ASUS H81M-E model. Do the memories fit the motherboard?
  13. Hello, when I try to delete software and games through the control panel, I get the message in the picture. I would love to help. Thank you.
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