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  1. It's just not believing that prices have jumped like that, thinking you could have bought a 1070 in a new 1800-2000 4 years ago.
  2. In my opinion this is not a participation in the purchase, because in the end the equipment remains with you (and rightly so), the ownership of the equipment remains yours. And I say this as someone who has no problem with you demanding money and even praising the initiative and it's fine to demand money for a service, but you have to call it by its proper name.
  3. There are stores that I tend to avoid buying from even if it means paying a little more. And it must be said that what is happening right now with the prices of video cards in the country simply takes away the desire to buy from them in the future as well. Prices are currently double or higher, and Israelis still buy all the stocks.
  4. As long as the miners make a profit from the tickets there is no reason for them to stop buying them. And I must point out that limiting the capabilities of the card, whether it is locking professional features, mining or any other reason is an anti-consumer move.
  5. Today it is no longer a problem to do so, and you do not have to read complicated manuals as in the past. Just make a backup of everything that is important on your computer, and try yourself big as long as you do not choose to install on the same disk there should be no problem.
  6. StartPc and TMS in both I had a positive shopping experience. In StartPc I got to exercise warranty and the service was really good.
  7. I have not researched the depth of OC of video cards, but there is no question of quality cooling, or higher quality capacitors / voltage stabilizers and the like?
  8. I would not recommend you a small case and certainly not a matx board, if you are planning to invest in a video card. Why not a small case? Because a small case may limit you to the size of the video card you will buy. Why not a matx board? Although sli is no longer popular, but this is not a gaming system, today there are development environments that allow you to use more than one card and do so effectively.
  9. From reading the forums in this sand it seems that the main consideration at the moment of quite a few people is availability in stock. Of course there are those who will only buy AMD / Nvidia because there is a feature that is important to them or just a fanboy.
  10. I have to say that I quite liked that the mother extensions got a "redesign" a few years ago, but it's starting to get excessive and feels more like a toy to me.
  11. If I had a 2080ti I would not upgrade and probably look forward to the next generation.
  12. 2600 for the 3060ti makes it unprofitable, while in the 2800-2900 you can buy a 3070 which also costs much more than it should cost. The 3060ti can be purchased for about 2200 in the country from what I have seen. Consumers need to be smart and just order from newegg / amazon.
  13. And the dollar is currently at a low, the 3060ti is expected to cost NIS 1600-1800 on the roof. People here are used to the high prices, and are not willing to order dance or just boycott stores. I'm dying to know if the prices here are because the importers / stores decided to cut a coupon or because there is a real difficulty.
  14. Because right now it's the best they have to offer, and not that the tickets themselves are not good. And they took the right step and they have good momentum in the processors, if they were to wait a few more months and try to offer their own solution they are not sure they would succeed or Intel \ nvidia would release their own product which would make their cards irrelevant. Instead they currently have a very competitive product that is worth the money, however I still think it is better to go with Nvidia just because of the fact that the DLSS is a very serious feature.
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