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  1. An excuse for investors? Oh really total I tried to explain why Intel will not transfer the production lines to tsmc, at least not the production lines of the main products, it does not mean that Intel has a better product, it just means that their production line is different from tsmc. It's not Intel say but experts
  2. I do not estimate that Intel will not be a customer of tsmc at least not exclusively, perhaps for a lateral production only, although tsmc boasts impressive numbers of 7nm and below, Intel's production is more advanced, and today quite a few experts argue that we should stop talking about the size of transistors and talk about The chip density that Intel is leading.
  3. I'm always in favor of buying video cards in the country, but the prices in the country of the 3080s are just almost NIS 1000 more than buying from Newegg, and if there is indeed a warranty in the country then it is worth considering buying a dance.
  4. As someone who is active on reddit I must comment that you have a mouth full of assumptions, the vast majority of which are not true at all. It is highly doubtful if there are people who will buy the 3090 just for the sake of beauty, most of those who will buy the 3090 are professionals, or gamers who have a penny in their pocket and will not feel deprived. Reddit has all kinds of people, and you need to know how to filter what you read, but that's what's beautiful about Reddit. Today quite a few gamers are not at all 12 or 14 years old aged 20 - 30 - 40 and even 50 - 60 and there are some on Reddit. In fact the majority are not children at all those aged 18 and over, -since-2010 /
  5. האמת לא נראה שיש השפעה כזאת גדולה לעוד 14 ג'גה זכרון, כולל ב doom. נראה שההבדל ברובו נובע מהעובדה ש3090 פשוט חזק יותר, אבל נהיה חכמים יותר שיגיעו כרטיסים עם נפחים גדולים יותר.
  6. k534d

    Purchase from newegg

    How does paying taxes, I pay them like on Amazon? Or is the payment in front of the mail and they only show an approximate price? By the way why are you not waiting for versions with the extended memory?
  7. Even in the sand prices right now above the recommended price the consumer just has to wait, it's always like that.
  8. For the most part the prices are the price in dollars double 5, do not think we will see less than 3500 - 3300. (Unfortunately).
  9. A huge disappointment, Steve from the Nexus gamer just slaughtered the launch and the whole idea of ​​gaming in 8k.
  10. It is not possible to split each discussion into a thousand sub-discussions, like it or not it is a discussion about reasons for buying or not buying. It would be better for the principals to simply unite the clusters
  11. Do not think the red team has a product that will compete with 3080, but hope to lie. In any case it's worth waiting for amd's announcement because it could lead to nvidia's response in the form of lowering prices and launching new products. And it all connects to the incessant leaks on new cards from nvidia with increased memory volume and will also give improved performance.
  12. לגיימרים שלא מתכוונים לשחק על 8k אין מה סיבה לקנות את הכרטיס הזה.
  13. Admits that in my opinion it is a reckless step to buy a card with 10gb when we get stubborn rumors about cards with double volumes. I must say that it is a first-rate advertising move by nvidia if in the rtx 2x00 generation there was anger about the high prices, now cards were launched at low prices and received accolades and now the main cards will be displayed (in my opinion) plus memory with a higher price tag.
  14. In previous years I would agree with you, but note in the video (the video starts a few seconds before the relevant section) who Gensen is targeting him he does say bloggers and simulators, but in my opinion this is not the standard gamer. So the card is within the gaming series but it is not exactly marketed as a card that is only or even primarily for games, but is intended for much more demanding uses. But that's my opinion.
  15. First there will be tests of normal reviewers and not leaks. Second and more importantly, the card is not intended for games, it is intended for professionals.
  16. For several weeks now rumors have been circulating that it will be interesting to see performance tests in two or three years of 10 GB versus 20 GB for 3080. or 3070 16 vs. 3080 with 10 GB.
  17. What delusional approach, according to your approach to what you go to the writer you pay for? The owner of the writer is anyway full of money from all the other customers who pay? Leave writer, why not go rob a bank? Or these government have a lot of money in their pockets. And more interesting is what you say at the beginning after millions of copies have been sold, continue their production ... you just say that others will be suckers and buyers who will continue to support the industry, while others will just take advantage of the situation. In the end if there is a game you like and enjoy it is okay and right to pay for it, especially if it does not have drm or one of the current bad dlc bads, and worst lootboxes. Beyond that it shows the studio / shareholders that the game was loved and worth investing in and developing a sequel, and you too are paying for a product you have consumed. To captaincaveman, I agree with urib it is a pity that there are no demos like there used to be for games, buying sets is expensive so I buy from legitimate stores where the prices are usually cheaper so the option of playing two hours and getting a refund does not exist for me. I a week ago I downloaded a game I played a few hours I saw I was enjoying I deleted it and purchased a legal copy. But if there was a demo or the game is the same price in sets, then I would rather play in the demo or buy in sets and get a refund. As for the prices that Uri said, $ 70 per game, it's far too much, a smart consumer just refuses to set deals usually after 3-4 months there are good deals. And with the launches of the bug stock games today, it turns out that I always wait a month or so for the games to be stable to play without nerves. A great site for finding deals on games from stores that are all legal, not a gray market.
  18. I did not refer to 3080 or any other 650 provider, I just said that based on connections it is not possible to know.
  19. It's not a matter of connections, the 650 and 750 may have the same connections and even the same number of cables but the 650 will not be able to hold a particular system compared to the 750 it will.
  20. k534d

    2080ti at $ 500

    Whoever buys a new video card from the store probably will not have a reason to buy the old editions, (need to see performance tests of 3060ti), if the 3070 really delivers better performance over 2080ti then why look at old generation cards? The 3060ti will most likely be somewhere in the 2070ti area I believe, with a lower price tag. Shortened Nvidia played it, and anyone who now needs a new video card has a good option to purchase.
  21. There has always been (in the last 3-4 years) launches of processors and cards there has been a shortage. I always wait two months - four before buying, so let other people find out if there are any issues or things that are better to know before buying.
  22. First you can connect a third card vertically, there are connectors for this. But more importantly I believe that very soon we will see different PCB coolers and designs that will allow for thinner cards.
  23. Must say the founder edition looks really nice, but it will be interesting to see the temperatures of the processors with air cooling.
  24. I'm waiting for their announcement just to see Nvidia's response. It is highly doubtful that they will have anything relevant, but I would love to find out I was wrong.
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