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  1. Quote of amishan92


    Sorry for the delay in my response, I just took the computer to a technician. He replaced a fan that did not work and reconnected a fan that was not connected, and fixed some kind of fuse that was burned on the video card. When I got home I tried to play but the game collapsed after two minutes. I did a reset for the computer, and changed from borderless to fullscreen in the settings of the game. Then I played for two hours in a row and the game did not crash. I really hope that's how it will stay, even though I'm not sure, then, what made the difference (beyond the repair itself), the raster to the computer or the change of settings ... : )

    Really happy for you but this "fix" in my opinion was just probably from the beginning had to change it to fullscreen, but as long as it works great 👍

  2. Quote of amishan92

    Yes, I certainly do not understand much about computers : )


    He simply said that if you do not open the computer case there is really no way to find out what the supplier is. And I do not really know how to open the computer case and see what the doubt is ... I mean, I know how physically I open the case, but I do not understand anything about it. Need to disconnect the entire computer from its connections to electricity? You have to use this thermal cream (and where do you buy it?)? Need to use some anti-static equipment (and where to buy it?)?


    And how do I run a stress test?



    I'm totally interested in helping you help me, I just, as I said, do not get it much then you'll have to tell me the steps more : )


    Thank you!

    1. I like to use Unigine Heaven for a test of the video card. 

    2. If you do not really understand much about computers I recommend you leave the replacement of the thermal paste as a last resort.

    3.    Maytrix 400w PSU ATX PC Power Supply RoHS Gaming Office ... You need to look for the sticker on the vendor side like the one in the picture.


    Waiting for an answer 👍

  3. Quote of amishan92

    So I have no idea 😄

    My brother will check !!!

    By the fact that you do not know that there is thermal ointment in video cards either and do not know where to buy I understand that you do not understand much in computers probably (without hurting of course)

    Check what the supplier is or you will run a stress test we can not really help you if answers like I have no idea.


    Successfully . 

  4. Quote of TheDiesel

    Thanks for the comments

    Another question you have

    Do you buy a Xbox One S worthwhile? Because according to what I saw, you could buy a system like this for a few hundred shekels, and it was only two years ago

     If you are not looking for mobility then yes but I think you prefer playstation 4, much better exclusive games and a larger amount when on Xbox you only have And forza they seem to me the only exclusive games that are really worth anything on the Xbox while in Sony you have god of war, uncharted, gran turismo and many others.

    In short I think if you do not want mobility you have on I see no reason to go for the Xbox.    

  5. There is nothing to do when you manufacture a portable console you must give up some things like good quality because of screen and hardware, cooling, electricity and more but you get portability instead. 

    And whoever buys Nintendo Switch Buys the console for games of Nintendo, games like - the legend of Zelda, and Super Mario for example games that do not need strong material. In short not for games like battlefield 1 and such.  

  6. Quote of none77

    The difference in efficiency between 2 and these suppliers is small, not something that will make a difference to be noticed in an electricity account.

    The provider is better with a little higher efficiency.

    A computer with an average 100W vendor that charges 24 / 7 with an efficiency difference of 5% will save 25 per year.

    Really, thank you, my brother really helped me 👍


    I'm debating between these two vendors. I'm pretty sure the 450W will be enough for me, but I want to upgrade later without switching 

    Now I'm sorry that the 650W will just consume unnecessary electricity until I upgrade with the difference between the two is only ten shekels and modularity does not matter to me 

    I am upgrading mainly because I need an 8-pin connection to the new video card (GTX1060 3gb)


    Thanks again for your help.

  8. Quote of none77

    Assuming that the power is normal the power listed on it is the maximum power it can give to the computer components in the long run.

    To know how much he takes from the wall, we need to divide the efficiency of the power, which is the ratio between what he gives the computer and what it takes from the wall.

    Assuming that the efficiency is identical in both suppliers, suppose 84%, once the components in the 430W consumption, both will take from the wall the same as 430 0.84.

    In fact, the efficiency of a supplier varies also in general, ie there are suppliers with higher efficiency and for a single supplier the efficiency varies slightly depending on the load.


    thanks for the detailed answer.

    So by and large both consume the same amount of electricity?


  9. Ok so my question is whether a 450W power supply and a 650W power supply consume the same amount of power from the wall, I will explain.

    Let’s say my computer consumes 430W whether both will consume from the wall 430W or whether each consumes its full amount (450W, 650W) and the excess power is just wasted (20W, 220W).


    Thanks in advance .

  10. Since this morning, messages have been popping up on Norton's antivirus side that it always blocks something called bitcoinminer activity 6. From what I understand, it's a software that uses your computer's resources for mining. It uses 50% of the CPU all the time and that's why I can not play any game and every time I turn it off Windows shows an error message and starts itself according to what I was able to follow. It sits in C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 on a file called svchost

    I can not delete it for some reason and if I delete it will probably corrupt Windows and it will not work anymore and it can also be stopped because then the computer crashes I have now installed ESET and every time I open it it crashes after a second and I think it's because the virus and norton find nothing No matter what scan I do I saw an unrecognized software (for me at least) called spyhunter 4 that should fix it I downloaded it and it found all sorts of things I do not know if they are related to it and when I came to click delete he wanted me to pay money so I just deleted it and I did not Know if to try to look for a prostitute version of it because it does not look so reliable.

    PS I leaped all the hard disks so he probably sits on the Windows SSD.

  11. In the parking lots that are close to me and at sane prices because I am not looking for some leaked version of the card that gives you actually only 2% more performance 

    Quote of askme

    : nixweiss:


    Are you saying that there is no 1060 3 GB card left in the country?


    You know what, let's check.


  12. I'm planning to buy a GTX1060 3G card soon and every day that goes by more models disappear from the shelves I know there is the whole thing with the miners now but it does not seem to me the reason they download the models completely from their site

    Does it make sense that they do not have in stock but to completely lower the model and not give the option to even order? 

    Can anyone help ???

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