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  1. Hello friends He has a DC server organization with SERVER 2008 R2 and Cisco VOIP telephony system provided by Bezeq International. To make calls using a software called Cisco Jaber, the software is installed on computers and through it basically activates the telephony. When users change their password (independent via an operating system, with the help of a call system or telephone with a support representative) it should enter into the software and manually change the password to the new password in 2 places, if they do not after a while the software stops working and later even Locked in AD because it tries to connect multiple times with the wrong password. When it comes to organizing 1000 people and requiring a password change every few months, this creates a lot of work for our Help Desk team and a lot of user frustration. Is there a way for this process to occur automatically, for example, when the email, for example, receives a new password. Bezeq International did not find a solution for this in two years
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Amazon's parade continues

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