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  1. Ad validity: 20 days and also 3 hours

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    An almost perfect computer. 6-core X5690 processor at 4.2GHz. ASUS P6T Deluxe 24GB Ram Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5.0 Motherboard - for excellent wireless browsing speeds. USB 3.0 back and front. Sisonic 850W modular power supply - with a 6-year warranty from KSP. 256GB SSD for Samsung operating system. 1G HDD for Seagate games and software from Barracuda Blood - 220 year warranty from TMS. New case Antec XNUMX with RGB - one year warranty from TMS. The computer is packed and ready for assembly. ** It is necessary to add a video card.


  2. That's why I'm not going to sell the 2080 until I have another model in hand that will replace it. At the end I will get stuck with some 1030 times of the year until I bring one at a normal price because I am not willing to pay the prices I saw.
  3. This is exactly what I wrote .. UK UK drops automatically at CHECKOUT when it detects that the address is outside the UK (by the way, does not happen with all products, I recommend that you make sure you buy from AMAZON's warehouse as their price will always be offset by VAT, if you buy from side sellers C. the price may not be updated). And what they gave you back is the DEPOSIT .. which is the deposit. If it turns out that the payment was lower, they will always return the difference, it does not come to them as a profit, it is net to streamline the release process.
  4. Take 542 and multiply by 1.2 (20 percent) and you get 650. Their IMPORT FEES are really wrong, but you pay in this section an amount that is net for the purpose of paying taxes in the country, meaning that if the product arrives and the taxes the state levied were lower - Amazon will refund you the difference Automatic (it has already happened to me that I saw in retrospect a credit from Amazon, because I did not know that this calculation is rude and that they need to be verified). Anyway they have a very good supply in Amazon UK, nice to know there are more purchase options.
  5. Saar Namir

    2080ti at $ 500

    Do not understand why anyone would buy this old and plowed game, it seems to me that the source for this remaster is net what MEME of "But can it run Crysis?" A reward went through my head that I played about a decade ago, when I had another GTX 285. A game with visual capabilities that was much ahead of its time, but its gameplay is such a meh. He is so overrated, Ashkara would function as a load test for people who would run Triple SLI from time immemorial.
  6. Saar Namir

    2080ti at $ 500

    Not in a bad section or anything, but it's surprising to see someone unfamiliar with this scene taken from the movie 'The Fall' - whether from the movie itself or the billions of MEMES they made about it. This movie came out in some 2005 and I remember it was really good, I recommend you watch it. And remove worry from your heart, he has no praise for the mustachioed guy, but only shows the points of view from his bunker in his last days.
  7. Consider bringing yourself from abroad. I bought a DELL laptop for studies because I knew they offered an international warranty, and really when it broke down a technician came to my house. I had to transfer the warranty from the US to Israel through Dell's website, and Yael Solutions respected the warranty. See if there is anything similar with Lenovo / any other company that offers a computer with specifications that speak to you.
  8. Did you even read what I wrote? Because I clearly wrote that I was going to buy in a place that would pay me the most, as a consumer, to buy from. The only thing that bothers me is that there seem to be responses from stakeholders here, without letting them know that they are.
  9. I will start by saying that I have nothing to do with the blender, I am less from the "artistic" field. But I got to see a lot of builds of people messing with a blender and none of them gave any importance to NVLINK or SLI, it seems like they add every video card they come across to some free slot they have and they say it makes them render faster. So maybe there really is no need for NVLINK, I just have no idea how the software is built. The cards may not need to render together and the software simply does OFFLOAD for each card individually, and each card gets a part to render independently.
  10. I understood your head. So you're right, this is really not 'theft' in the literal sense that you can go and file a complaint against it with the police. But in our vernacular, 'theft' is when you take a sum that has exceeded the moral threshold worth taking, and most of us are not stupid consumers - even if you start your post with examples that try to present us as such, believe it or not - I'm pretty sure we're all pretty rational people. And know what theft is. Do not be surprised if more people in this thread choose even more to avoid shopping in the country when you fall on us with this passive aggressive. Israel and a free economy are not a pair of words that come together, we are a country of monopolies / duopoly. There is a lot of decay here - we are
  11. MSRP will only be available from the NVIDIA website for the FE model, all other partners charge more for AFTERMARKET + overclocking cooling. I wonder how the performance of this series will be with the FE cooling, because the airflow configuration fits me well for the chassis.
  12. I have Focus Gold if anyone happens to be interested in buying. 850 watt version, Gold 80+, modularly. I bought it a year ago from KSP for a match for 2080 (think it has a 7 or 10 year warranty, so stay tuned
  13. How come no store in the world has the option of PREORDER or price display yet (except for the official NVIDIA stores), but importers from our small country already have everything ready like this in advance?
  14. Admittedly I'm a bit of an ASUS fanboy when it comes to motherboards, their products have never disappointed me. In TMS you have several grades of B550 in your budget, the question is what your requirements are .. because the jumps in price = additions of features. In the 900 there is no WIFI, in the 980 there is WIFI (Intel WIFI 6) and in the 1100 ~ you have 2 slots for video cards that are fourth generation (if you want to do SLI or connect 2 cards in NVLINK to render simultaneously / do VM or God knows what). I do not really bother to look at the TUF series because it does not seem to make sense to match a board from a popular series to the processor you mentioned in the first post, it is unbalanced. A 700W power supply assumes that it will work for you, despite the recommendation of
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