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  1. Can't use which VPN and change location moment to buy and then return? Claim .. talk to sets .. be healthy, do not understand how you have the strength to shrink like this. I buy from C and get KEY, but do what's good for you.
  2. The connection is that I have a 100 MB download and barely scratch the 2 MB upload. I am in the center and from what I have seen with the 5g upload should be several times higher than what we get from the internet companies. We have a third world country internet .. so if I'm in the 5g deployment area - why should I stay connected to Bezeq? Interests work in both directions
  3. So I saw full of publications regarding the deployment of the new network in our country, which is very welcome. Now, are the internet companies going to compare the speeds we will get in our mobile devices also in the wired network or is there nothing that is going to stop me from turning off the internet at home and using the hotspot?
  4. If you bring an amd, note that you are going for the "4th" generation Raisen (it's not really a fourth generation, but make sure the model starts with prefix 4). If you manage to get some ideapad with 4800u - you won. This laptop was so successful for its price that Lenovo (probably a pressure from Intel) stopped producing them in an amd version. They were cheaper, faster and with amazing battery life.
  5. Does not work even without xmp, still gets blue screens.
  6. This is exactly what went through my mind, that it's going to need their testing to cross out the part that's not working properly. The thing is God knows how much it will take considering it took me a month of correspondence with them to get to the point where they tell me to get a lab test. When I introduced the MEMTEST and the other Asus support logs they immediately told me that there was nothing to do on either my side or theirs and that it tended to go to the hardware testing lab. Everything works here slowly .. and the main thing is that the second payment on the computer has already gone down.
  7. And can not theoretically come out a situation that the board is the one who fakes because of their frequency, or they will continue to give errors even without the XMP? Understand that theoretically the memories are supposed to be more stable without speed, but what assures me that it really points to them and not to the board / processor?
  8. I'll try, but let's say it will solve the problem - I bought the memories because of their frequency. Sees no reason to give up performance when the board supports this frequency + the memories are even listed as "AMD compatible".
  9. Obviously I canceled. What's more my name will hear what an OC it was - I was on the boost frequency of the CPU on low voltage and the temperatures did not exceed 50 degrees. This is not the OC. I tend towards the memories but it can also be the board.
  10. Nof, it's stuck at 0% and not going anywhere. Record in the event viewer that dump file creation failed or something like that.
  11. I have not yet been able to really update as I wanted regarding the computer because it is not working properly, unfortunately the rabbi. I corresponded with the store around the month already by email, and by the time I finally got an answer about arriving for an inspection - the closure came in again. So in the meantime I'm working on my laptop because the computer is just unstable and I can not trust it not to drop a blue screen on me by surprise (a blue screen has already corrupted my operating system installation). For the curious, here is a video of the glitch - hope it works out soon, because I am really losing my patience, I have not enjoyed it yet - neither in games nor at work.

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    An almost perfect computer. 6-core X5690 processor at 4.2GHz. ASUS P6T Deluxe 24GB Ram Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5.0 Motherboard - for excellent wireless browsing speeds. USB 3.0 back and front. Sisonic 850W modular power supply - with a 6-year warranty from KSP. 256GB SSD for Samsung operating system. 1G HDD for Seagate games and software from Barracuda Blood - 220 year warranty from TMS. New case Antec XNUMX with RGB - one year warranty from TMS. The computer is packed and ready for assembly. ** It is necessary to add a video card.

    1,500 ₪

  13. That's why I'm not going to sell the 2080 until I have another model in hand that will replace it. At the end I will get stuck with some 1030 times of the year until I bring one at a normal price because I am not willing to pay the prices I saw.
  14. This is exactly what I wrote .. UK UK drops automatically at CHECKOUT when it detects that the address is outside the UK (by the way, does not happen with all products, I recommend that you make sure you buy from AMAZON's warehouse as their price will always be offset by VAT, if you buy from side sellers C. the price may not be updated). And what they gave you back is the DEPOSIT .. which is the deposit. If it turns out that the payment was lower, they will always return the difference, it does not come to them as a profit, it is net to streamline the release process.
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