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    New 500w power supply in a box, bought two months ago and sold due to an unexpected upgrade in a video card before I had time to use. From a Zap test, such a doubt costs between 200 and 250. 3-year warranty included. Collection from Rishon Lezion.

    150 ₪

  2. Hello, I have an entire AMD based computer with a Windows operating system and for software I need to work with that only exists in Mac I want to install a Mac VM on the computer and run simultaneously with Windows. I searched on youtube for some tutorials but thought it would be worth asking people here with experience which VM is the best. Many thanks to the helpers.
  3. Hello, looking for a recommendation for a recommended 650w power supply, which will be Gold + and full modular in the area of ​​400 NIS. Recommend me an Antec HCG650, does anyone have a better recommendation? I'm a bit clueless when it comes to power supplies so I would love to hear Good from the above model. Thank you!

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    Used for office use only not even for gaming, never overclocked.

    No price specified

  5. This ad has ended

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    Central area. I would love suggestions.

    No price specified

  6. Hello, I am interested in buying a new computer soon and I have some questions, first of all regarding the specifications: Ryzen 3700x Noctua NH-U12S CPU Cooling for ASUS B450m-a Prime Motherboard Team T-FORCE Vulcan Z 64GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM Radeon RX550 Memory Card Antec NX120 Antec VP500P 500w Enclosure 1TB HDD power supply and Crucial MX100 SSD drive downloaded from my old computer and no need to upgrade. Basically the almost exclusive use of the computer is working with data processing and analysis software that requires a lot of memory and a powerful processor and as you can see these are the strengths of the specification, the additional use of the computer if at all is very easy gaming at CSGO, FM21, Among us and Battlefield level. Is the RX1 enough for the BF550? Not looking to run on ultra or anything because I still have a whole DELL U1H screen. My question is how do you think the specification is? Is there anything you would change in the price category of each product? I have some doubts about the motherboard, will it be able to get the best out of the CPU and memory or will there be some kind of "bottleneck" here ?. Same thing about the kit ram, is it good in your opinion? Another thing, as part of my attempt to lower costs because the upgrade was not planned for now and caught me by surprise because my computer is out of order I am considering ordering the processor from Amazon or newegg. newegg because the warranty is for life anyway and the price is very affordable (2414 NIS including shipping and taxes compared to more than 800 in the country) but what about a processor? Is it worth ordering such a sensitive part from Amazon or newegg and does the warranty even exist in this case? A heartfelt thank you to the assistants.
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